Thoughts On: The Lorac Pro – Worth The Hype?

The Lorac Pro palette is arguably one of the beauty world’s most hyped up products. It’s remained mysteriously elusive despite it’s long reining fame (surely Lorac KNOW that they need to be stocking more, do they just like the fact that nobody can get ahold of it?), and it’s taken me over a year to get a hold of one. A large portion of my trip to California last year was me dragging my dad all over the city going to different Ultas trying to track one down to no avail. Every time a friend visited I got them to check but nada.
Eventually, my gorgeous friend Tami sent me an excited Whatsapp message that her mum had found the holy grail in San Francisco, and did I want one? Well duh.
Fast forward a few months and it’s finally with me (having gone from San Francisco to Dubai, Dubai to Oxford, and Oxford to Bournemouth), and let me tell you, that was a happy post day.
We’ve had a few weeks to get acquainted, and I’m ready now to give you the low down.

Firstly, packaging, LOVE. The palette is sleek and slimline, and despite being fairly long, it slips into most of my makeup bags with ease. Yes it gets grubby, much like NARS and MAC packaging does, but it’s nothing a good wipe down won’t solve. There’s a giant mirror inside which comes in super handy (mine had a little rough and tumble with Royal Mail, *sighs*), and despite the slim packaging, you get a generous amount of product in each pan. 
The palette houses sixteen shadows, eight matte and eight intensely shimmery shades. Whilst all the colours are beautiful, I could have a little gripe here and say that actually, there aren’t many medium toned shades, and I would perhaps prefer fewer lighter shades, since the palette is mostly quite split between light and dark. A mid toned bronze and a lighter shimmery taupe wouldn’t have gone amiss. That said, I do like all the shades, I just think personally for me I couldn’t give up all my other palettes for this one, since I like to have the option of mid toned shades!

As far as formulation goes, these powders are buttery smooth and intensely pigmented, there’s no denying that. You need simply dip your brush into the pan for enough pigment to cover your lid, so a light hand is a must. Because these are so intensely pigmented, there is fallout, so it’s something to be wary of when applying, so you don’t end up with powder all down your face. You can also see in the swatches that it can come out a little clumpy, just because the formula is so soft! If you’ve got a skilled eyeshadow hand then it’s not an issue but I would probably recommend the Naked palettes over this for any eyeshadow noobs or newbies out there, because they’re easier to apply!
The verdict? This is a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, and if you’re a real beauty junkie you’ll love it, but no, you don’t need it, and if you’re after something simple, look elsewhere!
Have you tried the Lorac Pro palette?