Monday Morning Makeup

When Monday morning rolls around the aim of the game is simple, look as presentable as possible, in as little time is possible. As much as I love makeup, I love sleep more, and I’m definitely not going to sacrifice an extra thirty minutes in bed for perfect contour and filled in brows. No siree.
Instead what I opt for is a handful of tried and tested products that I know I can rely on to make me look like a better version of myself, in as little time as possible.
I start with the Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation Moisturiser, because my skin looks so much better when it’s hydrated. This stuff preps the skin for makeup perfectly, and it sinks in instantly, so no need to waste precious time waiting around for it to dry.
Next up, the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, a product that evens out the complexion, whilst giving your skin a naturally radiant glow. This stuff is so easy to wear, you can even slap it on with your fingers, and you’ll still be left with a perfected look. 
For the dark circles that I inevitably must do battle with come Monday morning, the Benefit Erase Paste is fantastic. A little of this peachy concealer patted into the under eye area counteracts any darkness, and gives the impression of a good night’s sleep.
On a Monday, you can be sure that I won’t be faffing around with complicated eyeshadow looks, the simpler the better. I usually reach for the MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Superwatt, a cream shadow that you can run all over the lid with your finger for a put together look in seconds. 
Mascara is a must, and the Benefit Roller Lash is a good one for really lifting the lashes to make the eyes look more awake. Not my favourite mascara in the world, but it does the job when it comes to giving you that doll-eyed awake look!
And lastly, I pat a little of a cream blush like the Stila Convertible Colour in Lillium onto the cheeks and lips for a little colour. This stuff lasts really well for a cream blush, and is super natural looking too!
What are your go-to’s for easy Monday morning makeup? 

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