Makeup Storage Solutions for Awkward Spaces

Meet my dressing table in my bedroom back home. I have a love hate relationship with this table. I love it, because it’s the first dressing table I ever had, after wanting one so desperately for so long. I do however, hate it, because it’s awkward to store makeup in. And it’s Pine. I hate Pine.
Whilst the pine is an easy problem to fix (I’m planning on painting it over the next few weeks), the storage problem is a little trickier to overcome. The drawers are a little too deep to be good for easy makeup storage. Until last week, I had all my products just sloshing around in the drawers which is not ideal at all, but after a quick trip to Ikea last week, I think I’ve come up with a compromise.
I keep all my lipsticks in a set of Muji drawers on the top of my desk, and I have a little pot with liners in too. It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t my full makeup collection either, just an edited collection that I bought back to Bournemouth.
I picked up this set of three cardboard boxes (I can’t find them on the Ikea website, but they’re recent from in store) from the ‘Home Organisation’ section, I’ll admit I was drawn in by the pretty mint lids. The set comprises of one large, A4 size box, and two half size boxes, all around three inches deep. The top drawer is the shallowest, so I put the larger box in here, and filled it with base products and palettes. Along the side I’ve put all my pan products, and they fit quite well, without rolling around and it’s easy to find what I’m looking for. 
 Drawer two is slightly deeper, so there was room for the two smaller boxes to be stacked. In the bottom box I keep useful things I don’t necessarily need every day, included but not limited to travel minis, eye drops, lash curlers, nail polishes and eye drops. The sorta stuff it’s handy to have, but you don’t use every single day. In the upper box I keep all my mascaras, and a few awkward shaped makeup bits that don’t fit in elsewhere!
Down the side of the boxes is the perfect space for my fragrances, I like to keep them in a drawer so they’re out of the direct sunlight, but still easily accessible. 
Behind the boxes I have an old Muji container stuffed with concealers, lipglosses, primers and other assorted tubes. They’re sort of organised but not really. I’ve got a couple of packets of makeup wipes, my makeup bag stuffed with the products I’m currently using daily, and a few bulky bottles, my makeup setting spray and brush cleaner. I also keep my hand cream and Tangle Teezer in here so they can be on hand.
It’s still not ideal, but it’s much better than it was before!
How do you store your makeup?