Hand Luggage Packing Tips + Free Download

I originally had this post on hold until mid July, just before I go away on holiday, but I figured a lot of you are could be jetting off sooner so I bumped it up!
Is it really strange that I LOVE packing? Whenever I know I have a trip coming up, I spend ages meticulously putting together the perfect luggage, sad I know, but it excites me! Today I want to chat about packing your hand luggage for a flight! It can be tricky to know what to leave behind and what to make a cut, so I’ve put together a little printable packing guide! There are spaces for you to add in anything I’ve missed that you might need, and I’ve tried to keep it as general as possible!
The beautiful illustration in this guide was created by the incredibly talented Roisin Swales of Pickle Draws for my magazine. It’s such a gorgeous illustration that I just had to find a way to share it with you guys too! Click here to check out Roisin’s Facebook page, and here to find her on Etsy! Her illustrations are stunning!
Keep scrolling down to see my tips too!
  • Write a list, and pack it. Not only will writing a list keep you from overpacking, but when you’re at the end of your holiday having a list of everything you packed will ensure you don’t leave anything behind!
  • Pack bags within bags. I like to keep everything as organised as possible inside my carry on, and little bags are the trick here. A little bag to keep all your cables together, a little bag to keep all the things you might want in flight (headphones, gum, a book etc.) together. That way everything will be easy to find.
  • Always pack a spare pair of clothes. Because you never know when the arirline is going to loose your luggage.
  • Pack from the bottom up. Pack things you won’t need during the flight (a change of clothes, or your beauty bits if your flying short haul) at the bottom, in flight entertainment things (iPad’s, laptops, books, etc.) in the middle, and your important stuff like tickets, passports, and purse at the top. It just makes sense, and it’ll save you rummaging around your bag in the airport.
  • Always take fluffy socks, and a scarf. You never know when your feet will be cold, or you’ll want to take your shoes off and get cosy. Scarves are so handy to have, use it as a scarf, a blanket, a pillow, or pop it on a seat that doesn’t look the cleanest.
  • Always pack an empty waterbottle. They’re just handy. I like to take my Bobble Bottle, so I can fill it up at any tap in the airport or at my hotel, and have filtered water.
  • Take Vitamin C Tablets during the flight. To ward off the dreaded post-flight lurgy. 
  • Take snacks! Because airport food is expensive, and airplane food is, well, crap. And if you don’t eat it whilst you’re travelling, it’ll come in handy at some point during your trip! Don’t forget hard boiled sweets or gum for take off and landing!
What are your top packing tips? Are you headed anywhere nice this summer?