A(nother) First Date

 Despite the fact we’ve been together for almost five years, and we live together, the boy and I are pretty rubbish at spending time together. We forget to, you know, occasionally leave the house.
Back in Bournemouth, despite the fact we spend pretty much every night together, we are usually surrounded by family, so we’ve been trying to make more of an effort to get out and spend some quality time together. Last week we headed to The White Buck Inn after a lazy Sunday morning. We’ve been to the idyllic New Forest pub a few times for a drink, but we’ve never had a meal in there before, so we decided to fix that! 
We weren’t particularly fussed by any of the starters, but we were really hungry, so we decided to order a bread basket to share with our drinks, whilst our mains were prepared. Definitely a naughty treat, but I’ve never had such tasty bread, my highlight was the sundried tomato loaf! Served with salted butter, olive oil and balsamic vineagar, it was a decadent and delicious treat, that was well worth £4.50.
Despite being tempted by the roast, we both opted for the Homemade Pie of the Day, which happened to be chicken, bacon and leek. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a delicious pie, creamy and tasty, served with seasonal veg tossed in butter, and creamy mash. Again, not the healthiest dish, but man it was good. 
There’s something ever so relaxing about wasting away an afternoon in a beautiful country pub garden. You know you’re in the forest when there’s space to park your horse in the car park!
Any date ideas much appreciated, we’re trying our hardest to make a good effort!