30/52 – A Week at Sea

As I write this I’m snuggled up in bed, feeling the effects of 12 hours travelling, a nasty cold and the post-holiday blues, so it felt extra good to sit and recap the happy things of the week! I can’t wait to share some holiday snaps with you throughout the next week, I took some beautiful photos if I do say so myself! 
I spent this week onboard the Queen Victoria ship, a beautiful ship that visited some equally beautiful destinations! We were lucky enough to have amazing weather, with temperatures around the 36 degree mark, so coming back to drizzly old England was a bit of a shock to the system last night!
Happy things time!
1. I started my week in Dubrovnik, where I basically felt like I was in Game of Thrones all day. It was so strange to turn corners and see scenes I recognised from Kings Landing. It was blisteringly hot, so we found a little hole in the castle wall, and snuck out onto the rocks, to take a dip in the beautiful clear Croatian seas.
2. Watching the water curl around the edges of the ship as we sailed. The water around Croatia and Greece is breathtakingly clear, and it was mesmerising to watch it swirl around the ship.
3. Watching couples dancing in the evenings on board the ship. It made me want to learn ballroom dancing so badly! You don’t see traditional dancing so much anymore, but it’s so beautiful!
4. Stepping into a Starbucks in Rhodes for a bottle of water and a moment of free wifi and discovering they sell Berry Hibiscus Refreshas. I miss them so much, can we start a petition to bring them back to the UK?
5. Finding a Sephora on the same day! I nearly cried with happiness! I picked up a couple of bits that have been on my wishlist for a while (and you know, a few spur of the moment purchases too).
6. Sitting out on our balcony on the last night with my parents and The Boy, drinking a bottle (or two) of champagne, and watching the sea roll by! The perfect way to round off the trip!
7. The awesome flight attendant on our BA flight home, who arranged for Con and I to move to different seats on the plane so we could sit together, after a screw up meant we were sat apart. Good customer service always makes travelling less stressful! 
8. The reaction of my dogs when I got home! Finn got so excited he was squealing with happiness, whilst Teaser just wanted to cuddle. There’s nothing better than coming home to dogs I’m sure.
9. A little graduation present from my sister, accompanied by the sweetest note in the world, that made me tear up. She drives me insane a lot of the time, but she’s the best really. 
10. Spending Sunday snuggled up in bed with a good book! It’s been such a busy week, I need a little R&R!
Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday! x