Worth The Splurge: Diptyque Candles

If you ever told me I’d be the sort of girl who would want to spend £40 on a candle I’d have laughed in your face. Loud. In fact, I never even saw the appeal, I’d have a peruse of the Diptyque shelf in Space NK and not really like any of the scents.
That all changed when I discovered Pomander though. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then one day after a particularly bad morning, I used my N.Dulge points to soften the blow, and made the purchase. 
Last month I finally reached the end of the candle, a year after buying it, and I repurchased it with no regrets. Again, I waited for a discount (I used N.Dulge Points and the Space NK £10 off £40 spend), but it was worth every penny.
Why? Because no candle is quite like a Diptyque. The scent fills the room when it’s not even lit, it burns clean and evenly and fills the entire house. They have a seriously impressive burn time, no other candle has ever lasted me a year, and they look pretty damn gorgeous in your home to boot.
Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re bloody fantastic. They’d make a perfect gift or treat to yourself!