The Morning After The Night Before

We’ve all been there. A night when just one drink seems like a really good idea, until you’re trying to drag yourself out of bed the next morning. Hell, I’ve been there even without the alcohol, when insomnia strikes and at 3am I’m watching the clock tick and reliving every embarrassing memory I have. Sometimes, you need a little help looking, err, alive, in the mornings.
I’m an evening showerer, mostly because I hate having to blow dry my hair when I’m half awake, but a brisk shower always helps get the blood flowing when you’d rather stay in bed. Pick a shower gel with an uplifting scent (I love the Original Source and Soap and Glory Ones) to help wake you up, and if you’ve got time, use a body scrub too. Once you’re out of the shower it’s time for a little skin TLC to wake up the complexion. I like to use a cleanser with a gentle exfoliant to it, like the Lush Let The Good Times Roll. The sweet smell helps keep me awake, whilst the scrubby particles make my skin look like new!
I love to use a quick fix moisture mask too, it seems like a silly thing to do if you’re in a rush, but something like the Origins Drink Up Intensive only needs 5-10 minutes to make a difference. Chuck this on to work it’s magic whilst you have breakfast/pack a bag/feed the cat, and rinse off any residue. It’ll give your skin a much needed moisture boost, and the orange scent does wonders first thing in the morning.
Before going in with my (very simple, usually) makeup routine, I like to use a spray toner to spritz a bit of life back into my skin. These are seriously cooling and refreshing on the skin, and something like the Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner will pack a bit of moisture too. If you’re really tired, chuck one of these in your handbag to spritz on your face whenever you need waking up!
I always suffer with dry, dull eyes after a long night out, so I like to keep a bottle of the Optrex Brightening Eye Drops* on hand. These instantly sooth dry, irritated eyes, whilst adding a bit of sparkle, making you look more awake even if you don’t feel it.
For makeup, I always recommend going for what’s tried and trusted. Go for your favourite base, your favourite lipstick, and a blush that brightens your complexion. Now’s not the time to be faffing with complicated smokey eyes or precise winged liner, think simple and reliable. I would recommend picking up a nude eyeliner, like the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in Nude. It only costs a couple of pounds, and will eliminate any tell tale redness on the waterline!
This is a pretty versatile routine, it’s what I do after a late night, a long flight, or when I’m just not feeling tip top!
What are your top tips for looking fresh after a long night?