Let's Talk Snacks – New In From Graze

When it comes to dieting, or even healthy eating, I have one almighty downfall. I’m a snacker. 
I’m not one of those people who can eat three big meals a day and nothing else. I like to snack, graze and generally just pick at food throughout the day. I can’t help it! And this is where I slip up, because I find eating good, healthy, whole foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner easy, but snacking is hard.
There’s only so many cherry tomatoes and apples a girl can eat before she starts to get a little bored. 
Enter stage left Graze Boxes. I’ve had a fair few standard Graze boxes in the past, my boyfriend used to have a subscription and I’d bag all the flapjacks, as well as a few free box codes that came in handy. But I stopped ordering them a while back since, in all honesty, the standard boxes are quite expensive long term. Great for every now and then, if you’re having a busy week, travelling or just out and about a lot, but as a weekly thing? It wasn’t really necessary for me, especially since I work from home.
However, a couple of new(ish) releases from Graze caught my eye, so voucher in hand I placed an order for a couple of bits!
First up, a sharing box. This is the answer, I think, for people like me. A one off box like this contains five resealable snack packs, each containing around 20 normal Graze servings. It’s a pretty easy process, Graze have 20 different snacks available in this format, you pick out which ones you like the sound of and they’ll send you a random five. These little pouches are a great size, I’ve got one in my desk drawer, and I think they’ll be great for taking away with me when I travel too. 
So, in my box!
Spiced Apple and Ginger Granola Topper: Equally good for sprinkling on top of granola for extra flavour, or just snacking on straight from the bag! Inside is spiced granola, dried apple pieces, ginger fudge and orange raisins. That description alone has me dribbling. If you’re a fan of cinnamon and ginger, you’ll love this. I may be almost out already because it’s that damn good.
Texan Corn Salsa: If you’re a nacho lover like me, you’ll love this. Corn chips, salsa almonds, roasted corn and jumbo chilli corn, a handful of this is almost like a healthy version of tortilla chips and salsa. Not too spicy, just a hint of chilli flavour, super tasty!
Herby Bread Basket: This is my answer to avoiding eating a giant garlic bread on my own at three in the afternoon. Inside are mini basil breadsticks, garlic crostini and oregano rice crackers. It’s a carb fix without leaving you feeling bloated and disgusting, and the herby flavours are delicious. 
Cherries & Berries: One of my Graze favourites, I’m so glad you can get a big pack of these now! Inside are dried cherries, lingonberries, cranberries and raisins, I’m not normally a dried fruit kinda gal, but I just adore these. I’ve had the Tesco and Lidl knockoffs before, but I much prefer these, they’re juicier! 
Sour Cream and Garlic Crostini: For when you’re craving pringles! Inside are sour cream and onion cashews, and garlic crostini. I should point out that as a rule I don’t like nuts, but I generally always like them in Graze boxes, since they’re flavoured and tasty!
This box is normally £15 but you can get your first box for £10, which I think is really good, considering how much you get. Again, it’s not something I’d buy weekly (I don’t think you’d need to anyway, this stuff will last ages), but for travelling, or as an occasional one off it’s perfect! 

I also ordered two of the standard graze boxes, a flapjack box and a chocolate box. Because treats. I love that these are the perfect size to slip into your letterbox, and each individual snack is individually wrapped, and a good size for your handbag!
I’ve never had a Graze Flapjack I didn’t like so the idea of an entire box devoted to flapjacks was a no brainer. Inside was (I definitely ate this one straight away) an Apple and Cinnamon flapjack (my absolute favourite), a Lemon Curd flapjack (a close second), a Cocoa and Vanilla Protein flapjack (I hadn’t tried this before but I ate this in a midafternoon slump and it gave me a real energy boost), and a Fruit and Seed flapjack (a solid contender). Not one complaint at all, except that the box doesn’t come with a little man to stop you eating them all in one go. 
The chocolate box was a bit of a risk for me since I’m not a giant chocolate fan (I know, I know). I was pleasantly surprised though, these little packs are the perfect afternoon-pick-me-up when you’re craving a six pack of Mars bars. Inside I had Caramel & Peanut Track and Field (Salted Caramel milk chocolate buttons oh my oh my, peanuts, fudge, and raisins), Dip Your Own Chocolate Pretzels ( poppyseed pretzels and a chocolate dip, yum yum), Graze’s Chocolate Orange (orange chocolate raisins, milk chocolate buttons, jumbo raisins & orange raisins, this tasted like jaffa cakes) & After Dinner Mint (peppermint raisins that were surprisingly delicious, dark belgian chocolate and almonds). Basically, it was all delicious! 
So the verdict? I still wouldn’t get a box every week, but as a treat every now and then (or before a big trip) these are just perfect! 
Also, if you want a free box, you can use the code JAYER2WLE to get one! This isn’t a sponsored thing with Graze, just a code every customer gets to share with their friends! And I like you guys 😉
Aaaaaand writing this post has made me hungry.