Beside the Seaside

 After events last week, I’ve become increasingly aware that I need to be making the most of all the good things. With that in mind, when my Dad asked me if I wanted to join him for a stroll along the beach on Saturday, I said yes. Despite living a ten minute walk from the most beautiful beach in England, I so rarely head down there, it’s such a shame! 
The beach was packed with people attending the Wheels Festival, one weekend a year where the promenade becomes home to supped up cars, food trucks and a mini funfair. Now, I may have seen every episode of Top Gear, but I’m not all that fussed by cars, so I never would have headed down of my own accord. However, my dad’s dad joined us, and watching him and my dad animatedly talk about the cars they used to have, and cars they’d love to have was quite sweet. I took my camera along too and amused myself by snapping pictures wherever I could! 

 I get to see a lot of my mum, as she’s currently doing a course in London, so she’s up pretty much other weekend, and we always try to grab lunch or a bit of shopping! However, my sister works full time and my dad works away a lot, so I see them much less! It was nice to just spend a chilled day hanging out with them, and catching up with my sister, who I probably see the least!
Even when it’s really busy, or windy and cold, I love being at the beach. I’m definitely a beach girl, I can’t see myself ever living anywhere that doesn’t have a beach. I could spend hours just sat watching the waves, it’s so calming. 
I didn’t bother taking any outfit photos since I seem to have reverted back to my non-blogger wardrobe of skinnies, breton stripes and trainers. Sighs… I will never be a fashion blogger! 

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  • Those Cath Kidson beach huts are so pretty! I love going to the seaside (especially one with a sandy beach!) xx

  • Love these photos! I am always wishing I lived closer to the sea – Leeds is pretty landlocked!
    Sophie Cliff

  • Such cute little beach huts. Can't wait for days by the sea when the weather improves.

    Rachel |

  • Allison

    gorgeous pictures! I love the Cath Kidson covered beach huts! I've never lived close to a beach (even now its a good hour and a half drive) but it seems so lovely!

    Allison from Mercuteify

  • Love the Cath Kidson huts, it so makes me want to go to the beach (and believe me, I am not a beachy person!)

  • Love your pictures =]

  • Thanks Emma 🙂

  • Haha, they're so pretty aren't they!

  • Thanks Allison! It's so pretty, I love them!

  • Aren't they cute! I love sea days!

  • The seagulls are offputting, but the beach is worth it!

  • That's true! I love being at the beach!

  • Aren't they so pretty! Sandy beaches are the only kind of beaches worth visiting if you ask me 😉 xx