Can you believe we are nearly halfway through the year? This week has been a weird one, a fly in visit to London to make final arrangements for our flat made our week fly by, it’s been busy, busy, busy. Our tenancy is up at the end of July and whilst we’d love to move somewhere with a little more room, we haven’t found anywhere that’s just right yet, so we’ve decided to stay put a little while longer. After months of not knowing what’s going to happen after July, it’s nice to have the decision made, and know we’ll be calling London home for at least another six months. 
Happy things! 

  1. Enjoying a little quiet time with Con. When we are back in Bournemouth we are constantly surrounded by family, we don’t get much alone time. It felt good to get a few hours snuggled up watching Orange is the New Black without being interrupted by siblings!
  2. A lunch date at my favourite pizza place with The Boy, I smothered mine in garlic oil and it was bloody delicious.
  3. I spotted a Banksy! I’ve never actually seen one before, but it turns out I’ve been walking right by eat on a weekly basis.
  4. We finished watching Orange is the New Black, and to be honest, I didn’t think this season was particularly good. I did however, love Grace and Frankie, a new Netflix original series about two seventy year old women who’s husbands announce that they’re gay and getting married. The show follows their lives in the aftermath of the revelation and is equal parts sad, funny and feelgood. 
  5. Enjoying my very first Cinnamon Swirl Frappuccino. If you like cinnamon, you need to try one of these. It tasted so good with soy milk, I imagine it’s incredible with normal milk!
  6. Getting excited for my holiday! I literally can’t wait! I’ve been doing a ton of research for things I want to do, but also blog posts I’d like to write! And of course… planning my packing list! I love this packing tips post, it covers all the bases!
  7. Seeing my elderly labrador a bit more lively, she’s on different medication now and she’s much more herself! 
  8. A dinner date with my wonderful friend Aftab, complete with walk on the beach and mocktails! 
  9. I had my very first Berry Cooler from Costa this week, and it was amazing, they taste like berry yoghurts!
  10. I sat on the kitchen floor cuddling the pups yesterday, and errr, fell asleep. For an hour. In front of the fridge. It was weird and wonderful.
Have a great week! x