Upping My Eyeshadow Game

Ever since this fateful night when I stepped out of my comfort zone with a jewel blue eyeshadow and LOVED it, I’ve been feeling the urge to break out of my champagne-shimmer and neutral-brown shadow rut. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good neutral eye, but life’s too short to only wear brown eyeshadow.I’ve made some progress, by playing with a few darker, smokier looks still in the neutral zone, but now I’m feeling ready to step out of my comfort zone and play with some colour. This is where you come in! I want to know how you incorporate colour into your eye looks, inspire me! Do you stick to neutrals, do you like a pop of coloured liner, or are you brave enough to rock an out and out coloured lid look? What products do you love for getting a bit of colour? Enable me, ladies.Are you a neutral shadow lover, or are you a little more daring?

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