Things It's Okay To Do

  • To turn off your emails at the weekend.
  • To put the same outfit on two days in a row.
  • To stay up really late because you’re in the work zone, and sleep in till the afternoon the next day.
  • To occasionally fall into bed and just use a makeup wipe to remove all your makeup. You can cleanse properly in the morning, right?
  • To secretly like it when your cat lies over your laptop so you can’t get any work done. 
  • To keep a lipgloss way past it’s expiry date because it was expensive and you’ve barely used it. 
  • To have a tech free evening.
  • To not be bothered with the hassle of finding a perfectly ripe avocado.
  • To binge eat naughty foods when you’re having a bad day. 
  • To not reply to a PR email when they’re rude.
  • To be a tiny bit jealous of bloggers when they get sent an amazing product, or invited to an incredible event. 
  • To not remember the last time you shaved your legs.
  • To skip your morning skincare routine regularly because you decided an extra ten minutes in bed was more important.

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