21/52 – Bombs, Brunch and Bed

Another week gone and my what a week it’s been! If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know it was pretty dramatic. A WW2 bomb was found in a building site two buildings down on my road, queue mass evacuation, and us being told to remain in our flat whilst they decided whether to detonate the bomb and evacuate us, or leave us there. It was kind of stressful, particularly since the police officer kept referring to our flat as within the ‘blast radius’, not exactly calming! We were told to pack an emergency bag and be ready for evacuation within the night, which luckily didn’t happen! Thankfully, they were able to remove the bomb and detonate it elsewhere after about 24 hours, but it was pretty scary! 
Despite all the drama, it’s been a very happy week! 
  • I am officially done with London College of Fashion! On Monday I handed in my final project and I couldn’t be happier to see the back of it! I’m looking forward to a few weeks relaxing before starting the job hunt – eek! 
  • We celebrated handing in with cocktails and brunch at Balans Soho Society, if you missed it you can see photos here
  • I finally found the perfect pair of boots, I love them so much I may even dedicate a whole post to them next week, so keep your eyes peeled. I love them so much. 
  • The boy and I popped to Westfield this week to pick up a few bits and had a burrito lunch date. I’m not sure there’s a food better than a burrito. They’re bloody brilliant. 
  • We somehow ended up with a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy (somehow as in, I had a craving for chicken nuggets…) of Cluedo Junior, which Con and I had a few rounds of the other night. It was hilarious.
  • A few of us headed out Wednesday night for drinks & burgers at MEATliquor. I’ll be honest, I may have enjoyed getting ready even more than going out, but it was delicious nonetheless.
  • The best thing about being done with Uni is getting to spend more time with The Boy. On Thursday, we popped to Pret and picked up some lunch, and ate it out on the grass in the sunshine. We must have spent the best part of three hours just lazing in the sun doing nothing. It was utterly blissful!
  • I was lucky enough to get to head down to the Makeup Forever UK launch party this week, a pretty exciting evening!
  • The Boy and I had a date night, we headed to central with no plans, and ended up spending an hour wondering around the new Lush store, before grabbing giant pizzas at Icco, sitting outside watching the world go by. It was so nice to just go wherever we felt like without any plans! 
  • After 22 months in our flat I’ve FINALLY got a full length mirror! Prepare for 101 outfit snaps on Instagram! 
  • Con and I made the perfect club sandwich late Friday night (wild, I know). It was like having a hotel room service delivery!
  • I’ve spent a lot of time in bed this week, catching up on the much needed sleep I’ve been missing the last few weeks! I love bed so much!
I hope you’ve all had a fab week! x