Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

 I’ve had a real get shit done week this week, and I attribute it in part to the fact that on I took everything off my desk, and downsized a little.
There was so much clutter and unnecessary crap on my desk, it’s taken me a long time to realise you don’t have to have 40294 post it notes and paperclips to hand all the time. The world won’t stop if you have to get them out of a drawer. 
I figured this was the perfect time to show you my little desk set up, because I’m sure it won’t stay this tidy for long. I didn’t realise how much pink there is going on until I was uploading these photos!
The desk itself is from Ikea, it’s seriously basic and dirt cheap, the shelf on top for my screen actually cost more than the desk itself. When we moved into our flat it didn’t have any desks, and since we weren’t sure how long we’d be staying we just bought cheap ones, so it was no disaster if they didn’t get used in our next place. Although I actually have ended up loving this desk, it’s simple and you can’t go wrong with simple. 
Underneath I have a little draw unit from Ikea (which I didn’t photograph because right now it’s rammed with junk. That’s a job for a Sunday night with a glass of wine) and my computer tower. I’ve mentioned this before but my boyfriend actually built my computer for me, it’s actually a Mac Pro, and it’s my favourite thing in the world. It’s got a 2tb hardrive, which comes in handy because I have SO many photos. It’s not quite as pretty as an iMac, but it’s much more powerful, so it was worth the sacrifice! I have a MacBook Air too for on the go, but I don’t really ever use that at my desk!
I’ve stripped everything else back to basics. I’ve got a handful of my favourite pens in a little glass from Ikea, as well as my Donut Post Its and Washi Tape, I kept those out partly because they look pretty and partly because I use them so often! I’ve got my Ikea desk lamp (it’s supposed to be a bedside lamp I think, but it’s perfect for my desk because it’s really powerful and doesn’t take up much space) on top of a little stack of books. Most of my books are on my bookshelf, but I like to flick through these ones fairly regularly so I like to have them to hand. I also have my current perfume love on there, I always start my day at my desk and I’m useless at remembering to put on perfume so I thought I’d keep it here to remind me!
On the other side of the screen I’ve got a little cactus and my snowglobe from Disneyland in LA, cause everyone needs a happy memory on their desk!
There’s not much under my desk, just my speakers, and a little stash of notebooks I use for schoolwork and blogging! I also have a little cord tidy that holds on to my camera cable, so I don’t have to fish it out from behind the desk too. My iPhone cable is normally there too, but I just broke the one I keep in my computer, so I need to find another one!
 Above my desk I have a few prints, postcards and my wall calendar from Rifle Paper Co, where I write any important dates and deadlines.
And that’s about it! I feel so much more productive with a tidy desk!