Project Eye Maintenance

So the day before my 21st I went and had my hair done, and as I was looking through the photos after, I realised something horrible. I had under eye wrinkles.Now logically, I know I’m 21 and have nothing to complain about, but what I did know was that forgetting to wear my glasses, not using eye cream, bad diet choices and generally putting my undereye area through a lot of strain was starting to show up. Well it definitely gave me a swift kick into motion because, whilst I’m happy to grow old gracefully, I’m not quite ready to do that yet. So, over the last month, Operation Eye Maintenance has been in full swing, and I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing with you, since I’ve already seen an improvement.First things first, being better about wearing my glasses. If I’m reading, sat at my computer, watching TV, writing, I need them. I can definitely feel my eyes straining to see if I don’t, and one thing I definitely don’t want to be doing is putting my eyes under unnecessary strain. I’ve also been keeping The Body Shop’s Eyes Cube on hand at my desk to soothe the skin on my orbital bone when my eyes start to get tired.Secondly, drinking more water. I know I bang on about this a lot, but water is essentially your body’s most important fuel, and not getting enough H20 in your system has a lot of immediately obvious effects. I picked up some hydration stickers for my planner, so I can cross off each time I drink a glass of water, which is definitely helping me to remember!Eye cream. I was already using the First Aid Beauty Triple Remedy Eye Rescue in the mornings, which is great for cooling, soothing and masking dark circles, but I needed to introduce something a little more hydrating in the evenings, to keep the skin looking plump and good. I’ve been alternating between the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream* and the Benefit It’s Potent, I think I prefer the latter slightly more, but they both get the job done good. Thick, creamy, soothing and hydrating, I’m actually starting to look forward to this step in the evenings.I’ve been making a conscious effort to be more careful with the products I use on my under eye in general, keeping masks, scrubs and anything stripping or drying away from the area. I’ve been sticking with The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter for removing my eye makeup, because it’s incredibly gentle and soothing on the eyes. I’ve also been keeping cleansers and moisturisers away too!I’ve been careful to have a lighter hand with products too, using less concealer around my undereyes, and skipping powder, just because I find the more I use the more likely it is to crease or settle anyway!I’ve definitely noticed an immediate improvement, and it just goes to show, you’re never too young to look after your eyes!