Products That Last

Sometimes, there are products that no matter how much you use them, just don’t seem to disappear. I’ve found a few of those within my stash, and it really makes them seem worth parting with the cash for.I’ve had my Chanel Les Beiges Powder for a really long time now, I use it at least five days out of seven, and yet, I’ve still got tons of the stuff. It’s really finely milled, and usually this means you get a ton of fallout, and it disappears fast, but this stuff is going strong, with no sign of hitting pan soon.The MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are baked, and, like the Chanel powder, this normally leads to a ton of fallout and the product vanishing quickly, but these two are still going strong. I use Lightscapade daily to set my under eye concealer, and it’s not even flattened out in the pan yet. Stereo Rose is a more recent purchase, but it’s one of my favourite blushes, I reach for it all the time and it still looks untouched.Also from MAC, the Paint Pots are some of the best cream shadows I’ve ever tried. They don’t crease or fade on the eyes, and they don’t seem to dry up either. I’ve put a fair dent in Painterly, but I’ve had it for nearly two years now, and I reach for it all the time.I picked up the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper when I was in New York last summer, and loved it so much I bought a backup before I left, knowing from past experience that these types of liners normally only last a month or two before drying out. Despite using this 99% of the time I wear makeup, it’s still going strong six months later.It’s no secret that I love the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil, but it is a secret that this one is currently eight months old and still going strong. I feel like this is the neverending pencil, every time I go to twist it up, I expect to find the end, and I never do. It’s kinda creepy.And lastly, we are coming up to a year since I bought The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer, and it still looks unused. Despite the fact that I don’t really wear any other highlighter, it’s just not going down!Do you have any products that just keep on going?

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