A Night On The Thames

When the lovely Katy asked me if I wanted to be her date for a Bond night on the river Thames, I’ll admit, I was hesitant to accept. Not because I don’t like Katy (she’s a total babe), or because a night of free drinks and casino fun didn’t sound good, but because it involved leaving the house after six pm. Anyone who knows me even a little could tell you that I’m generally not a fan of any plan that means I’m not in bed with my bra and makeup off by 8pm. But, you’ve gotta step out of your comfort zone every now and then, so I said yes.
Friday night I headed down to Temple dock early to meet Katy, and snap some outfit photos before boarding the floating casino. 

 Since I’ve explained to you that I’m not exactly the biggest party animal, it should come as no surprise that I had literally nothing to wear. I’m not even kidding, the last time I bought a dress for going out was before my eighteenth birthday…so yeah. Finding an outfit was a struggle.
I had a look on ASOS and a brief look on the high street, but I couldn’t find a single dress that I liked that wasn’t staggeringly expensive. So I had to improvise.
I pulled out a dress from my wardrobe, this gorgeous floaty number that I’ve had since I was about sixteen. It’s a bit short for me now, and it’s VERY booby, so I layered it over a plain black tshirt so I wasn’t exposed, and a black body con skirt with a lace trim. The skirt didn’t really add any length, but it meant if I bent over or the wind blew my skirt up, I was protected! I actually love how the lace looked peaking out under my skirt!
I added a belt I think I picked up from Primark, but I don’t really remember (are you getting the gist of how old this stuff is? I need to go out more…), which I like to think made it a touch more my style, which is definitely black studs than floaty dresses. I chucked on my pleather/cotton jacket which has a cute floaty front, but is also super warm, and my favourite sparkly shoes. These things are what heart eyed emojis were made for, they’re beyond gorgeous. They were also VERY dusty, I had to give them a good clean before I went out. 
 I had planned to take a clutch, but at the last minute decided against it so I could take flats and my big camera. I ended up using the bag I bought for Disneyland, it’s such a great bag, small and compact, goes with everything, and fits so much in it! A real life Mary Poppins bag.
I think this outfit kinda goes to show you don’t need to spend a fortune every time you go out!


We boarded the boat and set sail at around 8pm, prosecco in hand! I’d never thought of doing a river cruise before, but the views were fantastic. We saw all the usual suspects from the Houses of Parliament right out to the O2 Arena, in the disappearing daylight, and all lit up at night. I spent a fair amount of time out on deck just admiring the views!
We had drinks and a little flutter on the roulette table, we ate lots of food and chatted about everything from blogging to living arrangements, and ended the night with a little dance sesh. I met some beautiful blogging ladies and just generally had a pretty awesome time! 
Be sure to check out these lovely ladies blogs, and thank you to Ladbrokes for a great night!