Contrary to the bit of a moan I had on this blog yesterday, this week has been a good one.
Firstly, and most notably, THE SUN HAS ARRIVED. I’m sure you’re all bored of hearing about this by now, but hey, I’m British, I get excited when the sun comes out. And in true British fashion, this week I’ve had the first barbecue of the season, worn a dress without tights, and gotten sunburnt. 
It’s been equal parts chilled out, relaxation time, and full steam ahead busy busy this week. I spent the first half of the week back home, I had a stomach bug, so I decided to just take it easy for a few days, lazing around in the sunshine, reading books and hanging out with my family, and puppies. Then I came back to London on Wednesday and since then it’s been go go go, with blogger events and a ton of work. It’s been good fun though!
I’m starting to really look forward to writing these posts, and compiling the happy things from the week. I’ve actually started keeping a sort of ‘happiness journal’ and writing down all the best bits of the week, it really helps me keep perspective on the not so great days.
This weeks happy things are as follows;
  1. The seriously warm sunshine.
  2. I really love my hair right now, it’s a really good length, I like that my layers have grown out and my fringe is just how I like it, I’ve found a way I love to style it and I’ve found a styling product that makes it look great!
  3. Long walks on the beach.
  4. My elderly Labrador Teaser refusing to give the toys back to her hydrotherapist, and swimming in the wrong direction when she gets tired
  5. The way my Cockapoo Finn looks when he gets out of the hydrotherapy pool. He goes from cute fluffy teddy bear to drowned wirey rat.
  6. My pretty new notebooks from M&S. I have no idea what to use them for, but they’re SO pretty.
  7. Ordering a funny slogan tee from ASOS that sums up my life. Too excited for it to arrive. I may never take it off. 
  8. Watching Finn play games with the dog trainer, he was so happy!
  9. Being reunited with The Boy after a week apart! Lots of cuddles and lazy evenings watching Top Gear reruns.
  10. Discovering the BEST summer drink ever from Starbucks. An Iced Green Tea with a slurp of the juice from Mango Passionfruit Frappacinnos in. Deeeeeelish.
  11. Visiting the Debenhams beauty press day and making my own moisturiser with Trilogy. A pinch myself moment.
  12. A sneaky treat from Lola’s Cupcakes with the boyfriend.
  13. Louis Theroux’s Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity Documentary on BBC. I love his documentaries, they’re always so thought provoking.
  14. Starbucks dates with the boy. Iced beverages and salted caramel cookies are THE BOMB.
A few more than ten this week, but it’s been a good week! 

Have a great week guys!