Turning 21

 I was pretty nervous about turning 21, in my head, 21 is a PROPER adult, no getting away with being a teenager anymore. But in actual fact, when it got to the big day, I was less stressed about getting old than I was last year! I was lucky enough to be able to bag the day off on my birthday this year, despite it falling midweek, and the boyfriend managed to steal some time away too. What resulted was a very chilled out day indeed!

I woke up to presents and homemade eggs benedict, a breakfast favourite of mine. It was a little weird not being with my parents, but knowing they were coming up in the evening made it all okay!
I had tickets to visit the Sky Garden last month, but something came up which meant we weren’t able to make it. So we rebooked for the morning of my birthday, and despite the fog, the views were breathtaking. All my photos of the views came out shocking, but it was a great experience. The Sky Garden is located on the 35th floor of the Walkie Talkie building, just round the corner from Bank station. It’s free to visit but you do have to book. I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a let down as the botanical garden it’s marketed as, a few palm trees does not a botanical garden make, but it was worth the trip for the view.

I tried to take a few outfit snaps, because I really quite liked my outfit, but the light was weird and they all came out with me looking rather squinty. A shame because it was super comfy and perfect for the weather too (sunny, around 12 degrees with a touch of wind!). I find dressing for this time of year really hard, to coat or not to coat? 
There are two restaurants and a cafe inside the Sky Garden, the pastries looked particularly delicious but came with an eye watering price tag, so as we left we picked up a Krispy Kreme to satisfy the old sweet tooth. It was a pretty beautiful day, despite the fog around the Walkie Talkie building, so we ended up strolling along the Thames, just enjoying the view, wondering past St Pauls, the Tate Modern, the Globe Theatre and Borough Market. 
We were both pretty tired from a busy few days, so we decided to head home after that, to finish packing for Paris, and snuggle up and watch a few reruns of Mock The Week, before my family turned up! We all ended up going for a couple of cocktails, before stuffing our faces at Wagamama, and getting a fairly early night, since we had to be up early for Paris! Not the most exciting of 21sts, but it was perfect for me!


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  • Wow, looks amazing =]


  • Love your outfit! Happy birthday! It looks like you had an amazing day!


  • Jaye Rockett

    It was! x

  • Jaye Rockett

    Thanks Chrissy! I really did! x