Not Your Average Hair Mask

I’m always up for trying something new in the haircare department, and recently I’ve been doing just that. Over the last couple of months, I’ve accumulated three different hair masks which are, well, just different. I’m used to hair masks sole purpose being to hydrate the hair,  but these three all do something a little different.The first addition was the Percy and Reed Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask. This one is particularly different because it’s a mousse, I’ve never seen a mousse hair mask before. I apply this post-shampoo, concentrating on the roots of my hair, and it simultaneously hydrates, repairs and volumises my locks. Who knew one product could do that?! As the name would suggest, it’s incredibly light on the locks, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy at all, but it really makes a difference. A good choice for anyone who needs a little hair TLC, but gets greasy quickly!Last month, the Phillip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask* dropped through my letterbox, and I’ll admit I was intrigued. This claims to work by plying the scalp with tons of good vitamins and minerals, whilst stimulating blood circulation to encourage hair growth. Bold claims to say the least. I was a little concerned by the idea of the using something I was imagining as a scrub in my hair, but I actually really like this, especially after a long day! As far as hair growth goes, I’m not seeing any results as of yet, but my hair definitely feels healthier!And last but not least, the Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Souffle Treatment, a bit of a mouthful. This stuff claims to add moisture whilst volumising the hair by 95%, leaving your hair bouncy and smooth. Whilst I’m not sure about 95%, this definitely makes the hair lighter and easier to keep volumised, and it feels incredibly soft and nourishing too. It’s got a whipped texture, which feels light in the hair, and it smells incredible. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this!Have you tried any weird hair masks recently?

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