Constructing The Perfect Travel Outfit

As if I hadn’t already mentioned it (can you tell I’m excited?) I’m off on a little trip for my birthday, my birthday is today and we leave tomorrow, and I’ve got travel on the brain. Now, fashion is definitely not my forte, but I thought I’d chat with you guys about the perfect outfit for traveling.I’m lucky enough that I get to travel a fair amount, so I kind of feel like I have the travel outfit down to a T. This time there’s no planes or boats involved, just a really long car journey. In a way that’s worse because you can’t even get up and stretch your legs, so optimum comfort is definitely necessary!We are looking for stretchy, loose fitting, layers, so that you won’t ever be too hot or too cold. I normally skip out on a proper bra and go for a bralette, because nobody wants wire sticking into them on a 12 hour plane journey. As far as shoes go, comfy is important, slip on is nice but not necessary.I essentially have three go to outfits. The first is what I wore on the plane when I traveled to LA last year, a thirteen hour flight that definitely dragged. A plain black tank, a longline burgandy cardigan and these kinda crazy pants. I picked these up in Primark last year for ยฃ8 and they’ve done me well considering the price. They’ve got a stretchy waistband, they’re loose fitting but cuffed at the ankles so they don’t look too much like pyjamas. Also the crazy print disguises any stains should you spill your airplane food on them. Bonus. I also carried a giant black pashmina in my carry on in case I got cold (I did).Number two is what I’m going with this week, it’s my favourite car outfit! My super soft grey Mango leggings, a plain white tee, and my giant oversized mint sweater from Noisy May. It’s fleecy lined and super cosy, and it covers my bum which is a bonus. I pair it with my big Unicorn scarf from M&S, I don’t think it looks tooooo bad!Number three is me channeling my inner fifteen year old. My Zara leggings that I dubbed ‘pregnancy pants’, are perfect for travel (or large dinners), since they have a giant elasticated waist panel. They’re seriously comfy and they look fairly stylish too. I paired it with an oversized slogan tee, and my red check shirt. Loose and layers.Nothing here is particularly stylish, but it’s all comfy and cosy, which is the most important thing!What are your go to travel outfits?

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