New In: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Overnight Mask

I don’t normally devote entire posts to skincare products, but with a name that long and weird, I feel like this product deserves a little attention.The new Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Overnight Mask* popped through my letterbox last month, and since then I’ve used it every single day. And let’s start all this by saying, it’s so weird.I honestly can’t think of a way to accurately explain the texture of this stuff to you. My boyfriend suggested it’s what Alien Goo might look like, and I’m inclined to agree, whatever alien goo might be. It’s described as having a ‘unique, bouncy, memory shape texture’ by The Body Shop, and that’s pretty accurate, if you press this it bounces back, almost like it’s elasticated. It’s honestly totally bizarre. It’s wobbly, and kind of similar to jelly. It’s just really bizarre, like nothing I’ve used before.This stuff is designed to be left on overnight to replenish the skin, it contains Eidelweiss Stem cells which should leave skin feeling bouncier, and plumper with regular use. I find that I only need a tiny amount (once I get the stuff out of the damn pot, it’s like Flubber, ridiculously tricky to get ahold of. It did come with a spatula, but like 90% of lids, my left socks and all my hairbands, it vanished.), and I can massage this into my face and neck easily. It’s really light on the skin, kind of like a gel or serum as opposed to a mask or cream, it doesn’t feel heavy or wet, and it doesn’t set like your average mask, instead it just absorbs into the skin whilst you sleep, and is gone by morning.What I like about this is it does exactly what it says on the label. Don’t you love it when that happens? I almost want to shout it from the rooftops. When I apply this I wake up with soft, hydrated skin that absolutely feels plumper. It’s definitely on the pricier side for a product from The Body Shop, but you need so little that this little tub will last you yonks. Also, I’d happily pay twice that for getting the results you want from a product!Have you discovered any amazing skincare products recently?

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