On Being Kind To Your Body

Day to day, we put our bodies through so much, and for me, I know I’m starting to feel the strain. My whole body feels like it needs a few weeks on a desert island, and it’s made me think a lot about taking care of myself a bit more, inside and out.Rest Up. I’ve got so much going on right now, I barely know which way is up. Trying to write a dissertation, put together a whole new magazine from scratch, maintain a daily beauty blog, a lifestyle blog & a YouTube channel is no mean feat, and it leaves little room for anything else. Right now I’m working from the moment I get up until I go to sleep, and I’m feeling the effects, I’m exhausted, my skin is freaking out, and I’ve kinda lost my appetite too. I need to start blocking off an hour or two at the end of the day to relax, to have a bubble bath, or read a book, or watch a few episodes of Parks & Rec, or even just lie down and do nothing, for my own sanity if nothing else!Eat More & Eat Better. Like I said, I’ve kinda lost my appetite right now, I end up not eating for a day or two, and then eating all the burgers, pizza & Doritos I can fit in my face. It’s hardly surprising I feel sluggish! I need to make an effort to eat regular meals, and maybe a vegetable or two.Makeup Free Days: Sometimes, my lashes don’t want to be covered in goo, my skin doesn’t want to be smeared with product, and my lips just don’t play ball with lipstick. And that’s okay, sometimes your skin just needs a little breather, and I need to remember that!Keep Moving, But Don’t Overdo It. My body doesn’t respond well to running or cycling or anything too aggressively physical, I have dodgy hips and knees that just can’t take the strain. That doesn’t mean skipping out on exercise though, I just like to do things a little bit easier. A morning stretching or yoga session, a gentle set of reps with light hand weights is much more my speed, but in all honesty the choices you make day to day help just as much. I live on the fourth floor and try to take the stairs as often as possible (providing I’m not carrying the food shop, and it’s not a Monday. Nobody can walk up four flights of stairs on a Monday). I walk to and from the tube station most days instead of getting the bus, which may only be 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace, but 30 minutes a day of gentle activity is actually the guideline. If I’m having a desk day I try to get out and walk a bit anyway, even if it’s just round the block, or meeting The Boy at the tube station at the end of the day. It’s the little steps.More Water, More Green Tea. I’ve said it a thousand times but I feel so much better whenever I up my intake of these two. The more water I drink, the more energy I have, the better my skin looks, the better I work and the happier I feel. And green tea makes me feel less bloated, less hungry, and more energised!Downing Tools. Sometimes I forget that I don’t have to style my hair every single time I wash it. I’m trying to grow my hair, so I need to try and put down the straighteners, curlers, and hairdryer, and let my hair just be wild a few days a week.Vitamin D. It’s winter, and we are definitely lacking in sunlight resources, but Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real thing, and we could all benefit from a little more time outside. There are so many beautiful parks in London, I want to get out and explore more, whilst giving my body a little sun and fresh air. And when I am spending the day hunched over my desk, I need to remember to switch my Lumie Lamp on!Love What You Got. At the end of the day, our bodies are just a shell, and bear no meaning to who we are as a person. I may not love my thighs, and I may have mixed feelings about my hips, but hey, it’s just skin!