The Forgotten Favourites

I talk a lot about new products, favourites and rediscoveries on this little corner of the internet, but sometimes, there are a few hard working products that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Products I use on a near daily basis that really hit the mark, but get forgotten because they’re just part of the routine. Well, I think it’s about time these products get their due, don’t you?Let’s start with the most hard working of the bunch, the Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 001. Since I’m the palest of the pale skinned gals (read: often mistaken for Caspar’s unfriendly sister), bronzer is something that until the last couple of years, I was terrified of. Terrifying visions of Oompa Loompa face hit me every time I picked up  a bronzer, so I generally steered clear. However, this gorgeous honeycomb bronzer from The Body Shop changed all of that for me. It’s ashy toned so there’s no fear of orange cheeks here, and it’s really light so it’s pretty foolproof. In fact, I generally apply this by covering the Dior Backstage Professional Finish Powder Brush in product, and hitting under my cheekbones with it, it’s so hard to go overboard even when you use a ton of product. It actually gives the illusion that I have actual cheekbones, when we all know that my face is 99% pizza fat. The Dior brush is definitely a pricey addition but the way it distributes and blends bronzer really makes it worth the splurge.I don’t think I’ve gone a day without a little black liner in my tight line since I was about fifteen, I’m a big believer that it really makes your lashes look much thicker and fuller. Ever since I discovered the L’Oreal Super Liner Mat-Matic, I’ve actually gotten rid of all my other black liners, it’s THAT good. I’ve never had an eyeliner that can stay put on the waterline before, even the Urban Decay liners don’t last that well on me! It just makes such a difference to an eye look, I feel incomplete without it!Okay, bold statement coming up, are you ready? I could get rid of every lip product and just keep the Dior Lip Glow Balm. I know, that’s a big commitment, but this stuff is just that good. It goes with every makeup look you could imagine, it’s hydrating, it’s easy to apply without a mirror, and it just makes your lips look better. I don’t really know how it works so well, but it does.
I always used to be awful at moisturising in the morning, but I’ve gotten much better since discovering the Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream All Bright. I actually prefer this to my previous love, the Origins Ginzing, it’s more hydrating and it absorbs super fast. It makes a really smooth base for makeup, as well as brightening up the complexion enough to make it look like I’ve experienced a good nights sleep (which we all know I haven’t because I was probably watching Scandal tip 4am).And the last mention goes to a new dry shampoo discovery, the Co Lab Dry Shampoo in New York. This stuff just ticks all the boxes for me, since I’m eternally lazy and hate washing my hair, and I like to use dry shampoo to style my hair too, this doesn’t leave a white cast, it smells incredible, and it gives my hair the boost of volume and texture it needs. I just like that this stuff actually makes my hair feel clean, even on the second (or third…or fourth) day after washing. It’s got a really reasonable price tag, and I’ve got a miniature version for my handbag too! Pretty sure you’ll be spotting that in my November favourites!Do you have beauty products that you love so much you forget about? Or is it just me!