31 Days of Lipstick: Week 2

Before we get into today’s post, I just wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments on my last blog post. Your support means so much to me, I promise I’ll be back properly next week! 

I’m starting to wish I’d never agreed to do this challenge with Tami, because this gal can’t take a good selfie for toffee. Also, I know it looks like I’m wearing the same tshirt in day 11 & 13, but I’m not I just have about six of these!

So day 8 was a lazy day, and I literally just wore mascara and lip balm, so that’s not very exciting, sorry! The lip balm I went for was the EOS Summer Fruits balm, which once you get through the weird waxy layer is actually a very nice light balm.

Day 9 I forgot to take a selfie so had to take one in the car, hence the glasses. How do people take good sunglasses selfies? Anyway, here I’m sporting the Clinique Chubby Stick in Whoppin’ Watermelon, which, if I’m honest, I’m not a fan of. As you can see, it’s not got much colour, and I actually find it quite drying on the lips, so I’m not really sure that it’s worth the money, there are much better chubby sticks on the market! If you really want a Clinique one, pick up the intense version, they pack a lot more punch! 

Day 10 I wasn’t feeling 100% so I spent the day working from the comfort of my bed, with my hair in plaits. I felt like a child. I skipped full on lipstick and went for the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Coral Craze, a medicated lip balm with a slight peachy tint. Good stuff.

Since my lips were feeling pretty hydrated after all that lip balm, on Day 11 I went all out with my favourite red lipstick, the NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick in Cruella. You guys know I love this one, long lasting matte colour, that isn’t really drying on the lips.

Next up, another hydrating pick for a day spent spring cleaning, the Josie Maran Argan Lip and Cheek Infinity Oil in Limitless Pink (longest product name ever), this is a super hydrating creamy oil in a pretty pink shade, that just packs a moisturising punch and makes things look a little more put together. 

Looking much more polished than I did the rest of the week, day 13 I opted for the Sephora Glossy Lip Crayon in 01 Glossy Pink. These are somewhat like the Soap and Glory Gloss Sticks, but less sticky in formula, just creamy, glossy, sheer pigment in a pretty pink. There’s a little more sparkle in this than I normally opt for but for some reason it works! And lastly for day 14, I went for it’s sister, the Sephora Glossy Lip Crayon in 03 Glossy Orange. I couldn’t take a photo where the colour of this really came across, in the bullet it’s a bright orange, but it wears as a sheer wash that is suprisingly…wearable. I like.

Don’t forget to check out Tami’s post too, you can find it here.

Til Saturday!