The Review: Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Colours

Benefit relaunched a ton of their makeup this year, and whilst at the time, I wasn’t all that bothered, I appear to have fallen for their lipsticks.

The Hydra Smooth Lipsticks have a strange feel on the lips, they aren’t glossy or matte, but they are very very smooth. The formula contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Mango Butter, making them smooth and hydrating too. They glide really easily onto the lips. They have a slightly strange slanted tip, which Benefit says is to aid application and make it more precise, which I’m not sure I agree with, I think they’re probably just as precise as your average shaped lipstick.

The packaging of these is seriously love it or hate it. The boxes they come in are super cute, but I can’t really think of a secondary way to use them, so I ended up chucking them, which is a shame. The lipstick bullet itself is pretty strange, they kinda remind me of big greek pillars, which is cute, but not necessarily how I want my lipsticks to look. The lids are kind of clumsy, and 9 times out of 10 I end up mushing the end of the lipstick putting the lid back on. They’re kind of big and clumsy, and not particularly luxurious. I think I prefer something a little sleeker (Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks, ahem). I feel this way about a lot of Benefit packaging though, I don’t think it’s nice enough considering the price, some of it I think is cute, but other things, this and Fine One One in particularly seems quite cheap in real life. In terms of lasting power, these are some of the longest lasting lippies I’ve tried.

I have two colours, Talk Flirty, a bright, Orchid-esque pink, and Fling Thing, which is a medium toned berry shade. Both are very easy to wear with any eye look!

These retail for £15, but I’ve been picking these up on Debenhams 10% off days! I think £15 is pretty good though, it’s the same as MAC and Urban Decay, and much cheaper than other high end brands.

Have you tried these lipsticks? What are your favourite Benefit products?

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