Crushing On: Majdan Rocks

Shall we talk about some jewelery that I am loving right now? My lovely internet friend Michaela introduced me to Majdan Rocks after I spotted a gorgeous ring on her Instagram feed and what has resulted is me lusting over everything on the website.

It’s not often I go gaga for jewelery, but when I do it’s often striking, unusual pieces, which is exactly what Majdan Rocks has to offer. It’s all 22 carat gold plated brass and rose gold, I have a particular soft spot for the rose gold, it’s just gorgeous!

It’s even a celeb favourite now, with Nicole Scherzinger sporting those gorgeous rings and earrings!

It’s a little pricier than your average student jewelery picks, but a girl can dream can’t she? About this necklace in particular…

You can check out the Rebellion Collection from Majdan Rocks here.

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