The Christmas Gift Guide – The Sweet Lushie

 I know, I know, you don’t even want to think about Christmas yet, but the fact of the matter is that the season to be jolly is almost upon us, and the number of shopping days left are fast disappearing. So here I am with another Christmas gift set to propel you into motion.

It’s no secret on this here blog that yours truly is a mahooooosive Lush fan (no idea where I get it from, my mum can’t stand the stuff!), so you had to know a Lush gift was coming your way. I stood in front of all the Christmas gift sets in the Liverpool Street Station Branch, almost convincing myself to pay £125.95 for this bad boy, before the sales assistant pointed out this set, The Sweetest Thing, which comes in at a much more conservative £11.95.

So what’s inside? 

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly is one of the first Lush products I ever owned, way back when my dad did some work for Lush. This stuff is literally like jelly, it’s soft and wobbly and it smells just like Vimto. It’s not the easiest stuff to maneuver in the shower, it’s so squidgy, but it’s worth it because the scent absorbs into your skin, making you smell deliciously edible all day long. 

 Massage bars are another product that I haven’t had in a really long time, so I was quite excited to find this inside! Shimmy Shimmy is a Vanilla scented massage bar, packed with iridescent gold shimmer, perfect for party season! It’s super moisturising and leaves a gorgeous shimmer on your skin, so I’ll be reserving this for nights out, but it’s definitely persuaded me to pick up another, non-glittery one to retry!

Snow Fairy fans, rejoyce, because this soap is available year round and carries the same scent, which is bizarre, because I can’t stand Snow Fairy, it’s too sickly sweet for me, but I LOVE this. Lush soaps are relatively new to me, but this is definitely one of my favourites. It smells incredible and lathers up nicely. If you aren’t a fan of Snow Fairy don’t be put off, because this definitely isn’t as intense, it’s really lovely!

In short, this is a perfect Christmas gift for any sweet scent lovers out there!

Have you tried any of these products?

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