The Weekly Round Up #13

Singlehandedly keeping Lola’s in business / The excitement of finding Criss Cuts are back in McDonalds / Barbecue time! / The best of summer! / A Berry Hibiscus Refresha to reward a hard day’s shopping / Pretty cakes! / Nails and rings! / A cheeky Dominos / My favourite Lola’s.

Koppaburg in Ikea for £1.35! / Sad times, my very last use of the Let The Good Times Roll Lush cleanser that has now been discontinued. / Homemade Wagamamas! / Being a film crew with the boyf / Shakes in Burger & Cocktail / Melisa being interviewed at the Gorkana networking event / Got my hair styled at Rush / New pens for a stationery addict!

Pretty flowers from my lovely boyfriend. / My favourite summer lipstick / Loving my new Topshop Jeans and Fred Perry sneakers / Train was delayed, so nail painting happened! / Finally starting to look like spring! / A long anticipated bath! / Scary sheet masks! / Cuddles with my kitty / Don’t think she’s moving off my bed so I can sleep anytime soon!

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that there was no weekly roundup last week. This was mostly because I felt like I didn’t really have enough to tell you to dedicate a whole post to it, and also, I didn’t want these to start getting boring, so I think, unless I have a particularly wild week, I’m going to start making these a two-weekly thing.

So what’s new? Well I’m writing this post from the comfort of my kitchen back home, enjoying a weekend in Bournemouth. It’s been a week of family events, so I decided to head back home for som good ol’ quality time with the family. This also means I get to have bubble baths, cuddles with my cat and dogs, and not worry about the food bill, so it’s all good.  

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with uni work, I’ll be so glad to get it all out of the way! I really enjoyed the Gorkana Networking event at Rush salon on Piccadilly on Tuesday, where I was treated to champers, a little hairstyling, and a well-stocked goodie bag after! 

This week I’ve fallen back in love with my NARS And God Created The Woman palette, and I’ve been using it every day. I think because it was limited edition and fairly pricey (I personally still think it was really good value) I was hesitant to use it, but at the end of the day, there’s no point buying these things if you don’t enjoy them. I love this palette so much, it’s great for everyday smokey looks, and a darker, evening look, but it’s small and easy to travel with. 

I’ve also been loving my new Lush face scrub, Ocean Salt. It’s not quite as good as my Let The Good Times Roll, but it’s not bad! It’s cream based but with coarse sea salt too, so it hydrates your skin at the same time as getting rid of the dead skin, and leaves your skin crazy soft!

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  • Rosie

    When Ikea have the Kopparberg in cans it is the best! Need to make a trip I feel! Those cupcakes look heavenly, really need to check Lola's out! xoRosie | A Rosie Outlook