February Non-Beauty Favourites!

As promised, here comes the second installment! It was super easy to pick my non-beauty favourites this month, being somewhat a creature of habit, when I like something, I use it over and over and over again until something new and sparkly comes along!

The first thing I picked up was my gorgeous Anna Dello Russo for H&M Bracelet. I actually have two from this collection, my boyfriend got me this one and I picked up a gold, pearl and coral cuff, but I definitely wear this one the most. It’s so quirky and unique, and it looks gorgeous with everything! I wish I’d picked up the snake one too now!

The second thing I wanted to mention is my Body Shop deep sleep. I think I’ve mentioned it before in posts, but I’ve been using it every night for a month now, and it really does help calm me down! Definitely a good investment for any other insomniacs out there!

I know it’s weird to include TicTacs, but it felt rude not to! I literally get through like three big packs a week of these, I don’t like mint and although I don’t mind the orange and lime ones, these are like a dream come true. I keep them in my handbag and on my bedside table, they’re so lovely!

I wanted to mention my latin rings now, siince I don’t know if you can tell, but they’re starting to discolour :(. I bought these for a bargain two pounds each in Marc by Marc Jacobs back in the beginning of January, and I’ve totally worn them to death since. They look super cute stacked on top of each other on my right ring finger! The top one means ‘for you, forever’ and the bottom one ‘no one but death shall part us’. I really wish I’d bought more now, I’m seriously considering going back to see if they have any more!

This is one of my absolute favourite Banksy images, I picked this little wooden copy up in Camden Market before Christmas for about £4, and it lives on my bedside table. I love it so much! The guy I bought this from also had old Vogue covers on these, and I think they would look great all hung up together!

Isn’t this purse just the cutest?! I picked this up (in two colours! I got pale pink too!) on a whim from eBay, for £3.58! It’s great for me, because I never ever ever have cash and I carry the weirdest things in my purse, so I keep my Drivers License and bank card in the front, and then in the zip up section I have my Boots/Superdrug/Ikea/House of Fraser/Every other membership card, a couple of business cards, some hair grips and bands, and a lip balm. I didn’t realise til after I bought this (always read all the details in the listing guys!) that the phone slot is actually for an iPhone 4/4s and some kinda Galaxy something or other, so I didn’t think I’d be able to fit my iPhone 5 in there, but it fits perfectly. I love that theres a little hole so you can plug your earphones in, and I guess even charge it, whilst it’s still in there!

Since I can fit all my essentials in here easily, I can kind of just take this out! It came with a little clip on wrist strap, but it also fits snuggly in my coat pocket!

A weird one, but I’m totally obsessed with my new notebook from Ikea of all places! With an Ikea family card it was only £2, and I had to have it when I saw that despite being plain paper inside, they had a plastic movable page with lines on, for you to put under the page you’re writing on, and write straight! It’s absolutely perfect for a crappy left hander like me who can’t write in straight lines, and I love the pretty design too! I’m using this as a diary, and for blog post planning!

The pink Sharpie needs nothing said. It’s pink and it’s a Sharpie. It’s awesome and you can buy a two pack in Tesco for about £3.75.

Last but not least I wanted to mention my Vogue On Alexander McQueen book. I got this for Christmas from a very clever mummy, but have only just had time to sit down and start reading. Alexander McQueen is my absolute favourite designer, and this book offers a unique insight into his mind and inspirations. 

So there you have it! What are your favourites this month, beauty or otherwise?!