A Tasty Little Treat

So I thought today I’d share with you a little treat I made for the boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. It didn’t cost much to make, but definitely a nice little romantic treat (or a tasty one for yourself!)

There is definitely no technical skill involved in making these, so don’t be put off if you, like me, are somewhat challenged in the cooking department! 

All you gotta do, is melt a big bar of chocolate, I used white because I think it looks prettier for decorating, and I prefer it! Then you mix in Rice Krispies and pink and white cake decorating balls. Then it’s simply a case of spooning the mixture into molds. Since it was Valentine’s day, I of course went for heart shaped ones. And then while the chocolate is still melted, sprinkle on any other decorations, I used ‘Pink Glimmer’ and some pink sand white sugar stars, and a little pink icing. Once the mixture has set, you can pop them out of the molds, I popped mine in the fridge to hurry them up!
The great thing about these is they are easily adaptable, you can use different molds and decorations for different themes, and add extra ingredients to the mix. I’ve melted marshmallows into the chocolate before, and that was so nice!

In terms with what’s going on with me,  I may be a little less frequent in the coming weeks when it comes to posting, we are getting close to my hand in and I’ve done, well, nothing, so I’m going to be buckling down and concentrate on work for the next few weeks! My hand in is on the 12th of March, and then I have an entire month off, so there will be no excuses! And it’ll be my birthday! (Totally freaking out about turning 19, that’s old!)
I’m off to London Fashion Week again tomorrow, so you can expect another photo heavy post coming soon with the weird and wonderful fashion that I spot! I’m also going to do a more in depth review of my lovely new Benefit Smokin’ Eye’s palette, and I have a What’s In My (lovely new Michael Kors) bag post coming too! I also took part in Bewitchery‘s Budget Beauty Blogger swap, with the lovely Issie, so I’ll be writing about that too!

I’d love to hear from you guys about what kind of posts you’d like to see! I read all my comments and always check links, and you can tweet me @bedinthekitchen!