Autumn With Café Rouge

You guys know the deal with me and food. I can’t say no to it. So obviously, when I was invited down to give Café Rouge to give their new menu a whirl, I was there faster than you could say ‘Boeuf Bourginon’.

I had only ever been to Café Rouge once before, a rushed airport affair involving a delicious Croque Monsiuer and a few tears, so I was heading in for the most part blind!

We booked into the Bournemouth location, and it just so happened that my wonderful friend Tash was visiting, so she came along too for a second opinion.

Cafe Rouge Bournemouth Westbourne

We arrived and were shown to a cosy window table. I love the traditional french decor, and the warm and inviting atmosphere. The window was perfect for us to sit out of the way and catch up, whilst still being able to watch what was going on around the restaurant. It felt cosy and intimate – perfect for a date night or a girls catch up!

img_1557 Cafe Rouge autumn Edition

We ordered drinks to keep us going whilst we perused the menu – there was so much choice! I opted for a glass of Gancia prosecco, which was light, bubbly and totally delicious. Since Tash wasn’t driving like me, she opted for a cocktail, the Fizz La Poire, an elderflower, apple & pear concoction that went down rather too easily!

Cafe Rouge Starters Cafe Rouge Baked Camembert Cafe Rouge Egg Meurette

They were sold out of the Soup a L’Oignon – it’s that good apparently, but luckily there were a lot of other starter options to suit all tastes. Tash opted for the Baked Camembert, which she described as being ‘perfectly gooey’, while I went for the Egg Meurette, a poached egg in a red wine, onion and mushroom sauce with toasted sourdough. I’d never heard of Egg Meurette before, but it was blooming delicious, and I’m already planning on going back to have it again!

Cafe Rouge Main Courses Cafe Rouge Poulet Breton Cafe Rouge Boeuf Bourginon

Our empty starter plates were whisked away and replaced with steaming mains in a matter of seconds. I opted for the Boeuf Bourginon, which came served with a generous helping of mash, and crispy onions. It was fantastic, the beef fell apart as I stuck my fork in it, and the mash was deliciously creamy. One of the best comforting, soul food meals I’ve had in a long time! Tash ordered the Poulet Breton, which we described as being almost the lighter, chicken alternative to the Boeuf Bourginon. A generous piece of roasted chicken served with mash, in a courgette, leek and herb wine sauce. It got big thumbs up from Tash!

Cafe Rouge Dessert Cafe Rouge Tarte au Citron Cafe Rouge Tarte Aux Pommes

Despite literally being full to bursting, Tash and I had spotted the Tarte Aux Pommes on the menu, so you best believe we made room for dessert.

In the interest of trying as many dishes as possible, Tash had the apple tart, whilst I had the Tarte Au Citron. It was a nice refreshing palette cleanser after a heavy meal, and just the right size to satisfy my cravings for something sweet. The Tarte Aux Pommes was amazing, just a hint of cinnamon, and paired with the Tarte Tartin ice cream was just heavenly. We left entirely stuffed but very satisfied!

So if you’re after comfort food, a cosy date night, or a quiet place to catch up with your girlfriends, definitely check out Cafe Rouge! Their new Autumn menu is just perfect for this time of year!