20 Things To Treat Yourself To

If there was ever a character from a TV show I really related to, it was Tom Haverford and Donna of Parks and Rec with their ‘Treat Yo’Self’ mentality. I think it’s a pretty important act of self care, to treat yourself to something every now and then, it doesn’t have to cost anything, but treating yourself to a few good things every now and then can do wonders for your mental health! If you need a few ideas, here’s a list to start you off!

1. Fresh flowers. When was the last time you bought yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers? Whether you go all out with a bunch from your local florist, or you just pick up a £3 bunch of Carnations from Tesco, there’s something so satisfying about treating yourself to fresh blooms.

2. A lie in. There is little in this world more satisfying to me than going to bed at night, knowing you don’t have an alarm set for the morning. Allow yourself to sleep in, and then stay in bed a while after you wake up, with a cup of tea and a book!

3. Your favourite magazine. I’m trying to cut back on the number of magazines I buy, because I’ve been known to buy upwards of ten publications a month. That being said, sometimes it’s nice to pick up a magazine to keep in your handbag and flip through on the tube, or to enjoy on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

4. A local fitness class. Free fitness classes are popping up all over the place now! Local to us we have a free weekly yoga class in the gardens, and regular pilates on the beach classes too. Keep an eye out on Facebook for events in your local area, round up a friend and head out to move a bit!

5. A new book. I’m a bit of a bookworm so perhaps this won’t do it for everyone, but when I’ve had a crappy day, I love picking up a new paperback in the supermarket, downloading a good read to my Kindle, or even filling up my Amazon basket! I also always keep an eye out on the iBooks free book of the week, there’s often a good easy read on there!

6. A nap. You know those afternoons where you’re just not getting anywhere? Call it quits, shut down your computer, and treat yourself to a nap. You deserve it.

7. Fresh bedlinen. Is there a better feeling than climbing into a bed freshly made with clean sheets?

8. A new diary. I love buying diaries, there’s something really motivational about a new diary, and as something you use everyday, I think it’s a nice thing to invest a little money in!

9. A morning routine. There’s something rather decadent feeling to treating yourself to twenty minutes for yourself before the day even begins. Whether you make time in your morning for twenty minutes of yoga, meditation or even just sitting with a cup of tea on the sofa, create space in your morning routine for something enjoyable.

10. A coffee date with yourself. When was the last time you went out alone, sat in a coffee shop, ordered your favourite hot drink and just hung out. I like to schedule a coffee date with myself every few weeks as time to write a to do list, read a book, or just sit and watch the world go by!

11. A gentle stretch. How often do you get up in the day and move a little? We spend all day hunched over screens and wonder why we feel tense in the evenings. Treat yourself to a five minute stretch periodically throughout the day, to help find a little space and movement in your body.

12. A new skincare routine. I think spending time and money on your body is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. Do a little research online to find some products your skin will love, treat yourself to a few new products, and make the time to use them!

13. A wardrobe sort out. I love the feeling of opening my wardrobe, and knowing everything in there is something I love, is clean and cared for, and is organised. Spend an afternoon sorting out your clothes, washing anything that needs washing, repairing seams, debobbling jumpers and putting everything away.

14. Positive affirmations. A real mood lifter, put pen to paper and write out some positive affirmations you can repeat to yourself when you need empowering!

15. Time in the sun. An hour in the park with a book, an afternoon snooze in the garden, or even changing your coffee date with a friend to a takeout coffee enjoyed outside!

16. An Ice Cream! Especially in this weather, take yourself out for a walk in a local park, along the river, down the beach, somewhere you can stop for an ice cream.

17. A day off. Use a day of holiday to book a day off work! Use the day to catch up on home things, catch a movie, swing by an exhibit, or do nothing much at all.

18. Take a walk without your phone. Head outside and be present in nature, without being distracted by your phone.

19. A staycation! Plan a weekend in your home town of trying new things, visiting new places and just hanging out.

20. Something to look forward to. Make plans and put them in your diary for something fun you can get excited about!

What are your favourite ways to treat yourself?