5 Mini Reviews: New In Beauty Bits

Beauty shopping isn’t something I do a lot of these days (although, I suppose relatively speaking I still buy more than the average person), but a few new things have worked their way into my rotation recently. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these mini review roundups, so I pulled out five products that I think deserve a little mention.

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 30: I picked this up in Australia on a whim and MAN am I glad I did. I was unsure about investing in 100ml of facial SPF, partly in case I didn’t like it, but also because I wasn’t convinced I’d get much use out of it. Little did I know the weather in the UK was going to get great, and I’ve been using this most days. This is basically the perfect facial SPF, it’s lightweight, not sticky, and it doesn’t leave a white cast to the face. It sinks into the skin super fast, you can’t really feel it after a few minutes, and it doesn’t have a strong SPF scent either. It worked out at around £20 and is worth every penny.

MAC Lavender Prep + Prime Fix +This was passed onto my by a lovely friend, it’s probably not something I’d have bought myself, but I’ve actually been really enjoying it. I’ve been using this more as a makeup refresh throughout the day, particularly if I’ve touched up my makeup, it helps everything just mesh together nicely. I was never a fan of the original Fix + scent, so the lavender is a nice touch, it takes the edge off the scent without being overwhelming. A bit of a princess product but nice nonetheless.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless FoundationI’ve been on a bit of a journey with this foundation! I treated myself to a bottle in Duty Free back in February before we flew to Aus, not really realising how much of a tan I was going to get! Three months down the line I’m still super tanned, so I finally took the plunge and bought my tanned shade, so now I can mix and match and always have the right shade. I’m super obsessed with this foundation, it really ticks all my boxes, lightweight on the skin, buildable coverage, natural finish and long wearing. Also I’m now the shade Medium 3 and I’ve never been Medium anything in my life so that’s fun.

DryBar The Chaser Shine Cream: Curly haired gals unite, this is the answer to your fluffy hair prayers. This stuff is the perfect lightweight finishing cream to run through the lengths of hair, getting rid of frizz and adding in shine. It smells divine, won’t weigh your locks down and is basically undetectable.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner: Also in the haircare department, I’ve gotten totally hooked on this conditioner. It strikes the perfect balance between hydrating and nourishing, and lightweight. I often find hydrating conditioners to really weigh the hair down and make it go greasy quicker, so it’s nice to find an affordable option that doesn’t do that.

What beauty bits have you been trialling recently?