Rediscovering Friday Nights

Ah Friday night, how I’ve missed you. After 18 months of hospital appointments, drugs and surgeries, this already 20something grandma lost what little enthusiasm she had for Friday nights. Friday nights were for hot bubble baths, delicious food, Netflix binges, a face mask and an early night. They certainly weren’t for heading out of the house for any occasion, especially one that involves alcohol or being out after sunset.

Whilst we were in Australia though, something shifted. Perhaps it was that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity thing, or the burning desire to make the most of the time we had out in Aus, but all of a sudden I found myself out and about, at night no less! Weird, huh!

And weirdly, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed a trip to the pub with friends, splitting tapas and a few beers, I enjoyed going out and trying new restaurants, wondering the quay after dark, sharing a bottle of wine on the balcony of a friends hotel room after a long day. It seems I’ve rediscovered a tiny fragment of my youth, and it appears every most Friday nights.

I’ve been trying to keep that Friday night spirit alive since we’ve returned – it’s not always easy after a long, busy week at work, with a few hospital visits thrown in for good measure, but I’ve been giving it some good effort! Last Friday night, Con picked me up from work and whisked me up to Southampton, to meet my girl Kelly and her husband Joe for a little double date.

We agreed to meet at the gorgeous Pig in the Wall hotel, sister location to my favourite The Pig out in Brockenhurst. It’s one of those spots you can guarantee yourself a good night, a cosy homely interior, locally sourced fresh foods and a good wine list to boot. It’s been a favourite of mine for a while, and I was glad to be able to experience it with a good friend, in the evening as opposed to a late lunch.

Kelly and I caught up over a bottle of wine – how cute are these glasses – and then ordered another just in time for food! The Pig in the Wall is home to a deli-like setup, rather than your traditional sit down restaurant, so we ordered a selection of ‘piggy bits’ to nibble on!

I love their homemade sausage rolls, so we ordered two of those to share, along with one of each of their cheese and charcuterie boards. The Pig sources fresh, local food for all of their restaurants and you can really taste it in their dishes.

We spent a lovely few hours drinking wine, nibbling delicious food and catching up, before nipping in to Franco Manca to get a few more carbs in to soak up the alcohol! Good ol’ Connor played designated driver so Kelly and I could enjoy our wine without worry, and although we made it home after midnight (and I had a pretty killer hangover the next day), I had so much fun, and can’t wait to get another Friday night in the diary with these guys!

Are you team In or Out for your Friday night?