How To Use Instagram to Plan Your Next Trip

It’s no secret that I’m an Instagram addict, I just love me some Insta! Recently scrolling, double tapping and spending far too long thinking up ‘witty’ comments hasn’t been enough, and I’ve progressed to using the app to plan trips. Whaaaat I hear you say.

It’s all about the semi-recent Instagram addition of Collections, as part of saved posts!

Now when I say planning trips, I obviously don’t mean booking flights and managing logistics, but what I do do is kinda plan out an itinerary.

I have a collection for places I’m visiting, and collections for places I’d like to visit, and as I’m scrolling through the ‘gram and I spot a gorgeous coffee spot in New York, I save it to the New York collection. I see a beautiful hotel in San Francisco and I pop it in the San Fran folder. I’m drooling over gorgeous donuts in Bath, and into the Bath folder it goes.

By the same token, if I have a trip coming up, I’ll actively seek out places to go on Instagram and save it to the folder for when I’m there! It’s like creating your own little travel guides on your phone, and is so handy! Everywhere we ate, drank and shopped on our recent mini trip to Cornwall was sussed out prior to the trip on Instagram!

Anyway, whether you’re planning a trip or just have a severe case of 9-5 wanderlust, this is such an easy + helpful little trick!

What are your favourite ways to plan for trips?

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  • YES! I planned our whole Miami trip via Instagram, it really is the best way to discover the most fantastic places to visit. Do you have any tips for how you find good hashtags for the places you’re visiting to get the best results? Some places I definitely find harder to research than others. We’re going to Anglesey in September and I’m struggling to find any good accounts to follow at the moment!

  • ninegrandstudent

    I haven’t started using the Collection thing on Instagram yet, I can imagine it will be great for wedding planning!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • Omg I need to find that collection thing on insta!! :0