How To Spend An Afternoon in Bath

Last weekend, Connor and I enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning in bed, sleeping in, drinking tea, mixing cereals in giant bowls, the usual, when we decided to take an impromptu visit to Bath. I blooming love Bath, and I’m pretty jealous of anyone who gets to live here. The dreamy light stone architecture, the beautiful scenery, the smattering of dreamy independant shops mingled in amongst favourites like Whistles and Anthropologie. I often tell Connor that I want to live here, to which he rolls his eyes and talks about the commute time to London. But I love it, and any time I can smuggle away here is worth it to me! Today I wanted to tell you about some of my favourite spots, and a little guide on how to spend an afternoon in Bath.


Bath is full of spots to cosy up in for a long, slow lunch. Order yummy food, a third of craft beer, and enjoy each other’s company. My favourite spot is Hunter and Sons, for dreamy avocado toast and local beers, but I can’t resist a trip to Bill’s on occasion either – any excuse for  a Buttermilk Chicken Burger!

Hunter and Sons, 14/15 Milsom Place, Bath BA1 1BZ.


Bath is a haven for quirky, individual retailers, an Instagrammer’s paradise. I long to live in close proximity to an independent magazine retailer like Magalleriaa little room crammed with every magazine, zine, artists publication you could imagine, Found Bath is a gorgeous little store where I imagine you could find a gift for every person you know, and Mr B’s Bookstore, the most beautiful bookshop I could have ever seen.

Magalleria, 22A Broad St, Bath BA1 5LN.

Found Bath, 17 Argyle St, Bath BA2 4BQ.

Mr B’s, 14-15 John St, Bath BA1 2JL.


For a smaller city, Bath is well stocked with dreamy stores. They have all of my favourites, Whistles, Cos, Anthropologie, Space NK, Jo Malone, Kiehl’s, Hay House, The White Company. In equal parts I want to go there with my girl Tami, but I also fear for my bank balance – the damage we could do here! Whether you’re after a new perfume, a piece of beautiful knitwear, or dreamy homewares, Bath has a bit of everything.


Bath is home to a few dreamy florists, but it was Pultney Bridge Flower Shop that I couldn’t resist. With every type of flower, pot plant and succulent you could imagine, I challenge anyone to enter their store, or stand at Miltom Place without splurging on a few stems! I walked away with a beautiful bunch of peonies, and I couldn’t be happier with them!

Pultney Bridge Flowers, 14 Pulteney Bridge, Bath BA2 4AY.

So there we have it, a few favourites from Bath!

Have you been to Bath?

The gorgeous hand lettering on the title image of this post was done by the incredibly talented Daphne. Check out more of her work here, and buy her pieces here

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