8 Ways To Make A House Feel Like Home

I’m hoping some time soon the boxes will all be unpacked, mess will be tidied and finishing touches (like the missing piece of skirting board in my bathroom and the shelves in my kitchen) will be in place so I can give you a full flat tour with some before + after renovation photos! In the meantime though I wanted to talk about making a new house feel like home, whether you’re renting or buying, moving in somewhere new always feels strange for a few weeks, and I’m always in a rush to make things feel cosy and homely! So today I’ve got eight tips for you to make your home feel that bit homelier, whether you’re renting or not!


There is so much to be said to the power of a good blanket. I have this penchant for covering everything in cosy blankets, fluffy cushions and soft rugs. I’ve got blankets on every chair in the house, a sheepskin rug on my beloved West Elm desk chair, and a big thick pile rug in my hallway that I really enjoy smushing my toes into. Even if it’s swapping out the dreary curtains in your rented flat for some lightweight, prettier, cheap Ikea ones, soft furnishing help add the illusion of Hygge, making places feel warm and inviting!


Now when I say artwork, what I really mean is prints, posters, personal photographs, mirrors, wall hangings, that kinda thing. I know that a lot of rented accommodation doesn’t allow anything on the walls (my previous flat included) but don’t underestimate how a floor length mirror propped up against a wall, prints in frames resting on radiators, or photo frames on shelves can help make a place feel more homey. In my previous flat, I used the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips to hang a mirror + pinboard, which are great because they don’t damage the walls or paintwork at all when you remove them!


This is something of an artform, because as a rule I hate clutter – it makes things look messy and is a nightmare to clean. But I’m opting for what I’m calling ‘gentle styling’, chopping boards layered up with a trivet on the kitchen side, bar accessories laid out on a bar cart, regularly used beauty products arranged with a cute coaster in the bedroom. Technically it’s clutter, but just a little and well curated! Having your things about stops a place from feeling like a show home, and helps it start feeling like home!


It’s amazing what a bouquet of fresh flowers can do for brightening up a home! I love visiting local florists at the weekend and handpicking stems for a gorgeous bouquet, but every now and then I order a bouquet from Bloom & Wild and I’m always amazed at how long they last. You can use this link for £10 off if you fancy ordering some yourself!


Having a home that smells good is half the battle! Whether your vice is candles, reed diffusers or expensive room sprays (guilty of all three), finding a signature scent for your home that instantly makes you feel at ease when you walk in the door is the dream. I have different scents dotted around the house, I always have Bath & Bodyworks Mahogany Teakwood candle in the hallway, fresh scents like lemon + verbena or peach + basil in the kitchen, and cosy scents, like vanilla + cinnamon in the rest of the house!


I’m obsessed with cosy seating areas right now! The armchair in the window of my bedroom, piled high with West Elm blankets, my gorgeous new Made.com velvet armchair with a stack of new books next to it. I’m on a mission to create as many cosy areas to snuggle up with a cup of tea as possible! Having little havens of cosiness around your home is so dreamy + a good reminder to take five minutes to relax!


Our entire flat is lit with spotlights, and a lot of them so cosy doesn’t come naturally to the place. I’ve invested in warm wall lights for the bedroom, beautiful lamps in the living room, and a butt ton of candles to change the mood when we’re trying to unwind in the evening!


I love books. I love reading them, I love writing them, I love looking at them. I think having books scattered around the home is such an indicator of personality, and helps things feel more personal! Also, having my favourite novels scattered around the flat makes me happy everytime they catch my eye!

I’d love to know how you make your place feel homely! Hopefully these tips will help some of you, especially if you’re living in rented accommodation. Rented properties don’t have to be drab!