Mad + Kaffe in Copenhagen

When researching my trip to Copenhagen, I was obviously pretty concerned about where we’d be eating (so much to consider here guys, taste, good insta lighting, pretty plating, good tabletops for backgrounds – WHAT HAS INSTAGRAM DONE TO ME?!), and one place that kept cropping up was Mad + Kaffe. It’s one of Copenhagen’s top rated restaurants, and came highly recommended by my girl Katy, who we all know has the best food recommendations! So it was added to the list of must visits for our trip! 

Now, it was a little far from our hotel for us to make it there for breakfast, so we headed there for a late and leisurely lunch before our flight home. It was easy enough to find on a cherry blossom lined main road, and we made it in the door just as the heavens opened!

Cold, tired + achey from carrying our backpacks around all day, we settled in and ordered drinks sharpish! I opted for the fresh peach iced tea with mint, which was the exact pick me up I needed!

We started perusing the menu and making our selection was no easy task. Katy visited for brunch so her recommendations were out the window, and we were left to guess on our own! Now the burgers looked great, but since we were in Copenhagen, we decided we should really opt for traditional Danish Smørrebrød!

They recommended picking two open face sandwiches each, so my sister opted for one plaice and one potato, and I chose the chicken and a potato bread too. Just as we were ordering, we saw a plate of chips coming out of the kitchen too and decided we simply had to try those too!

In retrospect, we probably could have had one sandwich each with the fries, but MAN all the food was so good, we didn’t mind having too much! The potato smørrebrød was phenomenal, rye bread topped with new potatoes, creamy sauce, carmelised onions, crispy bacon and fresh chives. It was a little odd – potato on a sandwich isn’t usual fare, but it was utterly delicious! The chicken one was my favourite though, the same rye bread topped with a chicken and mushroom in white sauce, more crispy bacon, pickled onions and fresh salad leaves – my stomach is rumbling just thinking about it! My sister enjoyed her plaice smørrrebrød, and gushed over the caramelised onions topping the potato sandwich.

As for the fries, thick hand cut chips in a salt and rosemary, topped with melted cheese and accompanied by a homemade garlic aioli. OH. EM. GEE. I can’t believe how good this stuff was, the salty fluffy chips, cheesey goo and super garlic-ky dip, what I wouldn’t give to have more right now!

Drool-worthy, right? Whilst the service was a little scatty (the food took ages to come and we had one wrong drink and one wrong sandwich come out) the food MORE than made up for it! I’ll definitely return on my next trip to Copenhagen, and I highly recommend it to anyone heading to Copenhagen!