Where Have I Been and What’s Been Going On?!

Well hello there! Long time no chat, have you forgotten who I am yet?

I’d forgive you for thinking I’d given up on this little corner of the web, it’s been a very long time since there was anything resembling regular content round these parts. I’m ready to get back into the swing of things now, but I figured that since you’ve stuck around, you deserve a little explanation as to where I’ve been, and what’s been going on. Now, if you’ve been keeping up to date with me on Instagram, or read any of the last few blog posts around these parts, you’ll know I’ve been in and out of hospital since November, having various tests and procedures done. Without getting into the gory details of exactly what happened, the doctors were concerned about my low iron, folic acid and B12 levels, and trying to investigate the cause. Over the course of these tests, they found a lump. Nestled into the lining of my intestine, they weren’t massively concerned, but it was sizeable enough that they decided to remove it.

Of course, my luck being my luck, their first two attempts were unsuccessful, and I ended up going into a third surgery, not really knowing what was going to happen. I went under being told best case scenario – they’ll whip the lump out no problem, worst case, they’d have to take a third of my intestines with it, and reconstruct what was left into a functional bowel tract.

Update post

As you can imagine, that was pretty terrifying, but I was lucky enough to have a fantastic team of surgeons who managed to remove the lump without complication. Third time’s the charm right? It turned out the lump was five and a half centimeters in diameter, and it’s size was why it was so difficult to remove – it was essentially blocking the whole width of my intestines.

So three months + three surgeries later, the lump is gone, and whilst we’re still not sure what the long term effects will be (there’s a chance it could grow back, and I’ll need more tests and check ups in the future to keep an eye on it), I’ve been assured there’s nothing cancerous going on, and all the stomach pain I was experiencing has gone. It’s looking like the lump was not only causing my severe anaemia, but also causing me to react to certain foods too, so my dairy allergy is much less severe now, and I don’t experience any bloating or pain after eating gluten at all any more, so it’s all pretty positive!

The main problem for me now is building up my strength + getting my vitamin levels back up! I’ve pretty much spent the last two months in bed, and my body is pretty much exhausted. I’ve had a course of B12 injections (honestly, at this point I feel like a veritable pin cushion) and I’m taking Iron and Folic acid supplements to try and get everything else better. I’m seriously struggling with the rammifications of having three general anesthetics in three months, my head is foggy and I’m tired all the time, but I’m getting better every day!

So there we go, that’s the whole dramatic story! I’m easing myself back into work this week, and whilst I can’t promise daily content from the get go, I am going to try and get back into a rhythm with blogging! I’ve missed you guys.

Thanks again for sticking with me, and to everyone who left sweet comments on my blog and Instagram, every one was so much appreciated! I’d love to know what you guys have been up to so far this year, leave me a comment below telling me what’s new!


Big love, as always xxx