The Magazine List

When it comes to magazines, I have a little bit of a problem. Perhaps that’s what happens when you have a degree in journalism, you become addicted to buying magazines wherever you go. Despite all the magazine hoarding I do, I’ve never really spoken about them on my little corner of the internet, so last week I rounded up my favourites, to give you a rundown to add to your Sunday Reading List!
Let’s start with a tried and tested favourite, that’s a little easier to find than some of the others on this list. Suitcase magazine is my go to for a little wanderlust. Jam packed full of beautiful imagery, inspirational words, and worldly wonders, it’s a perfect Sunday afternoon read. I particularly love the articles by Meg Abbott and Issy Croker – AKA The Curious Pear. They have a way of making you feel like you’re right there with them.
Price: £6
Stockists: Most WHSmith stores and specialist newsagents.
This was the first copy of Lionheart magazine I ever came across. I was drawn in by the beautiful illustrations and it didn’t disappoint. Filled with beautiful, lighthearted content, it’s a great lazy day read, for when you need to unwind. It’s definitely a creatives mag, so if you’re a right-brained type you’ll like this.
Price: £6.
Stockists: Online, in Selfridges, and in specialist newsagents. 
In Clover is a visually appetising publication dedicated to the pursuit of an offline life. Bursting at the seams with incredible imagery, and peppered with thought provoking, well written articles, I dream of one day reading this whilst camped out on a remote beach. Check their Instagram too – it’s gorgeous!
Price: Varies issue to issue – this issue was pricier – £12.80, but price relates to size! 
Stockists: Check bookstores and newsagents, or pick up online
One of my uni lecturers once told me that Oh Comely was the magazine equivalent of a waify blonde girl with crimped hair running bairfoot through a wheatfield in a dress from Free People. Whilst I totally agree with the sentiment, I still really enjoy reading it! I love that it’s bi-monthly, and it’s my handbag read of choice, perfect for pulling out on the tube or between meetings. Always packed with thoughts and musings on life and it’s curiousities.
Price: £5.
Stockists: Larger WHSmiths stores, and most specialist newsagents.
My kick ass friend Verity turned me on to 91 Magazine, and it’s right up her street. Her blog tagline is ‘inspiration for an independent life’ and 91 is like the print equivalent. Filled with makers and creators, and every day inspiration, it’s a beautiful read.
Price: £7 print, £4 digital.
Stockists: A little trickier to find this – your best bet is to order online!  
If you’ve ever dreamed of living off grid – this is the publication for you. Another escape is full of musings on sustainable, outdoor living. I discovered this after picking up an issue from my mum (totally her jam) and found myself flicking through it and falling in love. Incredibly well written, every article really tells a story.
Price: £10
Stockists: A handful of specialist newsagents, I got mine in Wardour News, but online is your best bet. 
 The philosophy behind The Simple Things magazine is everything I love. It’s all about embracing slow and simple pursuits, and taking the time to live well. I’m always drawn to the recipes within this publication, they’re always pretty simple and good for the soul.
Price: £4.99
Stockists: Larger Sainsbury’s & WHSmith stores.
 Kinfolk is all about the simple lifestyle pursuits, cutting out unnecessary clutter and focusing on the importance of family and friends. It’s one I always turn to if I’m feeling stressed out, it helps me feel a little more grounded. It’s a carefully curated collection of beautiful essays, and feels like a lot of bang for your buck.
Price: About £13.
Stockists: I normally pick mine up in Anthropologie or Selfridges.
 A new publication – this is the first issue of Breathe and it was a good’un! All about inspiring wellness & mindfulness – it’s the perfect ‘me time’ read. There’s a lot crammed into the pages, not just content but also colouring pages, a free gratitude journal, and some beautiful writing paper too. I absolutely adore this and am so excited for the next issue!
Price: £5.99
Stockists: WHSmiths, Tesco & Waitrose. 
 If you stuck with me through that I applaud and thank you!
Let me know your favourite magazines in the comments – and if there’s anything you think I should try!