iPhone Only: Wimborne Farmer’s Market


My main worry about moving back home was that I was going to get bored. Bournemouth is great and all, but it’s no London. We’ve only had Starbucks for a year or two and we still don’t even have a Pret. And everywhere has a Pret.

Turns out I didn’t need to worry, as whilst we might be limited in dinner choices to Wetherspoons and one overcrowded Nandos, what we lack in facilities we make up for in small town charm.
Last weekend I dragged Con out of the house bright and early, we bundled in the car and headed to Wimborne. It’s about a thirty minute drive without traffic, and we went via the Starbucks drive through for sustenance. After getting a little disorientated in the one way network of roads, we were parked up by 10am and off on a little explore.
After a not so positive start – I realised that both the cameras I had with me had dead batteries, we decided to regroup in a local pub for a spot of breakfast and to formulate a plan of attack. Because of the camera drama, all these photos were taken on my iPhone. I’m trying to get better at iPhone snaps and whilst I think these ones are okay, they definitely loose a little quality during the editing process.
With a pot of tea (served with chunks of local fudge on the saucer), a pint of OJ, an Eggs Benedict for me and Salmon and Eggs for Con (and change from a tenner), we did a little googling of local history to reinvigorate us, before heading outside to the Farmer’s Market.
The Farmer’s Market was the whole reason for our visit, I’m a little obsessed with them these days and this one was recommended as the best in the area.
It certainly wasn’t big but it had everything we could have wanted! Local meats, cheeses, fruit & veg, fresh flowers and pastries! I’m such a sucker for a farmer’s market, it’s become a little tradition with Con to take out £20 cash before we go, and see how much we can get for our money!
This time we left with some wild mushroom and garlic sausages, some local blue cheese, a bouquet of flowers, an assortment of fresh fruit (the apples were out of this world) and a little Celebration Squash!
We spent the rest of the time meandering the side streets, admiring the cobbles and pretty door fronts. I particularly loved the church yard just off the town square, filled with beautiful flowers!
They were having some sort of bell ringing event at the church, where they were ringing the bells from 9.30am until 1.30pm, so everywhere we wandered we were accompanied by the sweet sound of church bells. It really added to that village feel!
Not a bad spot for a day’s exploring! If you have any recommendations for places in Dorset/Hampshire that I should add to my list, let me know!