Happy Sunday! – 10 Great Things

HAPPY SUNDAY INTERNET FAM. How are you? Are you well? Are you basking in this glorious sunshine? I hope so.
This week has been a GOOD WEEK. Manic, yes, but good. I’m certainly looking forward to my lie in this morning, after five 6am starts in a row. A day of lounging about in the sun, sipping frappuccinos and reading? Yes please. Although – I have already managed to end up with sunburnt shoulders. So pasty. Such pale.
Let’s talk about happy things from the week!
1. Justin Timberlake’s new track. I mean, it’s JT, and this song has happy Summer written all over it. This is going on my Summer Tunes playlist (- sidenote, want to see this?).
2. The new Green smoothies at Costa! On Thursday Costa invited Tash and I to go test out their new Summer menu, and I can confirm that the Apple, Kiwi & Melon smoothie is a good’un! 
3. My new shoes! I’m obsessed with these babies – the perfect All Saints Sample Sale find. I’m not the only one either – I’ve had a few jealous friends this week!
4. ALL THE ICED COFFEE. Yay for sunshine and iced caramel lattes and afternoon coffee dates in the park. So much happiness in one beverage. 
5. Burgers & Sunsets (oh – and good company!), tucking into burgers on the roof of Tasha’s work, whilst watching the sun dip below the London skyline. One of those pinch me London moments.
6. The satisfaction of finding the perfect notebook – the stationery addiction is real you guys.
7. #100daysofjayesflatlays – I’ve really been enjoying organizing things for flatlays. Cause you know, stereotypical blogger right here. 
8. Early morning coffee dates with Katy, where we drink too much caffeine and put the world to rights before 10am.
9. Dressing for good weather! It’s nice to break out of my usual jeans-and-sweater combo and get my scarily pale pins out. Can anyone recommend a good fake tan?… 

10. A brief lunch date with my mama! The best thing about my mum being at Uni in London is grabbing quick lunch dates with her at the weekends! <3

What have you been up to this week?