Things To Do More Often

Go to the beach. I live so close and yet I rarely make the most of it.
Go for drinks with my sister. Despite the fact I spend a lot of time at home these days, I don’t see much of my sister since she works full time and lives across town. Last week we went out for a drink at the beach and it was so lovely just to chill together.
Get up early. I love the feeling of being up and about before the rest of the world, and I love feeling like I’ve achieved a lot before 8am –  but I love my bed and I’m terrible of getting out of it.
Connect with creatives. I love being surrounded by creative people, they give me so much energy and inspiration. I want to make more time for creative networking.
Film life. I want to get into the habit of filming more of my day to day life, even if it’s not for YouTube, just to have to look back on in the future. Photos are great but they don’t always capture moments quite like film.
Wash my makeup brushes. Still working on that one.
Walk. I used to be so good at getting my 10,000 steps a day done, but right now I suck. I generally feel more awake and more productive if I get my steps in so I need to work on this. 
Travel. Feeling totally inspired by my awesome friend Kelly who just went to Brugge on two hour notice. That’s what I want. 
What’s on your to-do more often list?

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