#Celebrating Creativity at Citizen M

 On Friday night I bravely exited the house without a coat and headed to Bankside. I know. No coat. In February. At night. Is there no end to my madness?
Anyway, the reason for this total act of lunacy, I’d was lucky enough to receive an invite to an event at the Citizen M hotel just south of the river, to meet other bloggers and celebrate creativity. Sounds good right? 
I did pop into the Citizen M hotel in New York for a swift drink last summer, but oddly enough, considering this one was a mere 20 minute tube journey away, I’d never been.
We were shown up to a conference room and, after stopping to photograph nearly every square inch of impeccable decor, introduced to the other girls. There was plenty of white wine on ice, which went down a little too smoothly considering I was yet to have dinner!
The evening kicked off with the wonderful Liz Atkin, who spoke from the heart about art, creative process, and mental health too, and then the wonderful Jessica Swale, who talked about creating what makes you happy, being a female in a male dominated industry, and left me wanting to go to the theatre. I kind of forgot to photograph a thing throughout the talks, because both these women were so incredibly inspiring. It was amazing to spend an evening with so many creative people, talking about the process of creating art, of any kind, that makes you happy.
We rounded off the evening with Peach Bellinis in the bar downstairs. I can’t get over how well designed this hotel is, I can only imagine what the rooms must look like! There’s so much attention to detail, stacks of classic novels and coffee table books, bizarre statues, cases of bugs, ginormous sofas and beautiful lighting, I wanted to Instagram the lot! The staff were all attentive and lovely, and the drinks were delicious! Citizen M is definitely top of my list for hotels to stay in in the future! 
Thank you to the team at Citizen M and Ingenuity Digital for an amazing night!

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