Beating Dull Winter Skin

Winter is not very kind to our skin, not only do we have to deal with dryness, but skin seems to loose it’s spark, it becomes a little lacklustre. I hate it when this happens, so I’ve got a team of products onside to keep the magic happening.I like to start off in the morning with the Yes To Grapefruit Correct and Repair Exfoliating Wipes, which I’ll admit, probably aren’t for everyone. If you’ve got sensitive skin I’d steer clear, but if not these are great. It’s an easy way to refresh your skin in the morning, they really help get rid of any dead skin cells and brighten up the complexion.I like to follow up with a serum and moisturiser, and the ones I’ve been using are from the Boots Botanics Brightening Line, and both do a great job. The serum is really light and absorbs fast, and the moisturiser offers a real hydration boost without feeling heavy. Both are seriously budget friendly, but really good!Also from the Boots Botanics Brightening Line is the All Bright Balm, a peachy toned balm with reflective particles that helps boost light and radiance on the skin. This really picks up the complexion and does wonders for brightness. In the same vein is the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, an eyecream that offers a boost of hydration, whilst it’s reflective properties boots the light under the eye.And if all else fails, a liberal dusting of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade gives a good ol’ glow to the skin!How are you keeping your skin looking bright?

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