10 Favourites From the Week

My advent calendar: or even, just feeling festive in general really. There’s something inherently Christmassy about eating a chocolate every morning, it’s definitely helping with the festive spirit in this house! It’s nice to be home too, with a big ol’ Christmas tree, the radio in the kitchen permanently playing Christmas songs. I just feel festive.

Christmas wrapping: continuing the festive theme! I’ve actually really enjoyed doing my wrapping this year, I don’t really know why? Either way, I’ve had some cute ribbon and gift cards and I’ve tried to make the presents look cute!

My Tangle Teezer: I’ve always had a compact Tangle Teezer, but last week I finally bought a full size one (after months of searching for the lilac and baby pink one, it’s so hard to find!). It makes brushing your hair so so easy, and my hair always feels so much softer and healthier when I use these over a normal brush!

The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies: I finally got to go see the final installment in the Hobbit series this week and it was amazing. It’s one of the few movies that I actually think does the book justice, and I definitely got a bit teary at the end (read: I cried like a baby). I’d definitely recommend catching it!

A Christmas card from my best dog friend: some friends of ours have a Boxer called Rio who is literally one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Deadly serious. Anyway, every year she sends me a Christmas card and it makes me beyond happy, I’ve always wanted a Boxer, so at least for now I have a festive picture of Rio to fill the gap!

Starbucks Christmas Mug: last week I picked up this gorgeous mug from Starbucks, which combines a ton of my favourite things, coffee, London, Christmas and anything gold. I’m obsessed with making giant cups of tea in it!

Frosty mornings: We’ve had a few cold starts this week, and they’ve just been beautiful. At the weekend I went for breakfast at the golf club, and the view of the frosty grass and blue skies was just beautiful, I just love this time of year!

H&M sequin jumper: the closest thing to a Christmas jumper I will ever own. This sweater is so cosy and soft, sparkly and festive, and I feel like because the design is a perfume bottle, you could probably get away with it in January & February too! It’s so cosy and warm! I’ve been pairing it with my sequined mini skirt a lot for an extra festive feeling!

Kitten cuddles: being home means being surrounded by my favourite furry creatures, from the one eyed dog who loves a cuddle, to the kitten who likes to lick your eyebrows if she gets half a chance. It’s a motley crew to say the least but I miss them all so much when I’m gone!

Lazy mornings: the very best thing about being done with uni, lots of cosy late morning lie ins in my brushed cotton duvet! There’s something so satisfying about getting to be back home, in my own bed, with no alarm set!