The Wishlist: Winter Edition

With the festive season approaching, my funds are going towards Christmas gifts for my loved ones, and not on myself (a travesty, I know). Because of that, my wishlist is growing at a rapid rate of knots. It’s been a while since I’ve shared a wishlist with you guys, so here goes!Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag: It’s a makeup bag, it’s rose gold, it’s gorgeous. I’ve seen this in person, it’s such a gorgeous size, perfect for long weekends, and handbag essentials. I’ve wanted a Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag for a long time now, and I’m glad I held out because I love this Christmas one 1000x more than the originals!NARS Modern Future Lip Cheek and Nails Set: You guys know that NARS is my favourite makeup brand, so a gift set that gives me three products? I’m in.I’ve swatched the lipstick a couple of times and it’s not as scary as it looks, it’s slightly sheer so combined with my natural lip colour, creates a gorgeous bright pink.Diptyque Epice Candle: I know Diptyque candles are expensive, but they last so long and the scent kick off is unparalleled, even when it’s not lit, so to me they’re so worth it. I’m on the last legs of my Christmas Diptyque candle from last year, and this year I’ve fallen head over heels for the Epice candle, a gorgeous warm, spicy, musky scent that I can’t get enough of. I’ll have six.Zara Scarf: I’m pretty sure my obsession with Zara scarves has now reached fetish level, I can’t get enough of them. Big blanket scarves to keep me toasty and warm! Between now and May my wardrobe will be 100% black, and all my scarves are, so I’ve had my eye on this one since it fits my monochrome theme, but is more white! Also, I’ve tried this scarf on a few times and it’s so soft and cosy.Diptyque Eau Duelle Eau de Toilette: I’ve been obsessing over this fragrance for months now, it’s time I owned it. A gorgeous warm, spicy vanilla scent, my favourite! I’ve just used up my Giorgio Armani Si, so I have a scent slot to fill!Topshop Layered Sweater: I’m obsessed with big cosy sweaters right now, paired with skinny jeans and blanket scarves, that’s basically all I wear. I tried this sweater on the other day, and I love how the sleeves are nice and long and fitted, but the body is big & loose, it’s really flattering on! It’s got two tones to it as well, which makes it a bit different to a plain sweater!Ash Jalouse Boots: I’ve been umming and ahhing over whether to buy these bad boys for well over a year now. I pretty much live in boots year round, so I’ve been looking at investing in a good quality pair to last me for a while. These are incredibly comfortable, and look good with everything from jeans to dresses.Lush Luxury Christmas Pud: I’m all about a festive bubble bath or five, and this is the only bath bomb from the Lush Christmas range I haven’t tried. It smells deliciously of lavender, makes your bath a multicoloured festive explosion, and doesn’t it look good! I imagine this would be a great one for Christmas eve!Zara Printed Sweater: Keeping with my strictly casual wardrobe theme, I’ve been looking for a printed or slogan sweater for a while now, and I love this Zara number. I love the print but I also love that it isn’t too thick, perfect for layering!What’s on your wishlist right now?

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