Inside My Flat

Because it’s Sunday, and I figured we’ve had enough beauty chat this week, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak into my flat. The boy and I have been living in this flat for just over a year now, and since we are renting we haven’t been able to paint, or hang anything on the walls, make any changes to make the flat feel more like ours. So we’ve had to settle for soft furnishings and accessories to try and make the place feel a little more homely. I feel like this is a problem a lot of people our age in their first place face, so I thought that maybe by sharing snippets of our flat, it might help some of you who are in the same position. Or, if you’re just nosy like me, you might enjoy having a snoop.The reoccurring theme you’ll notice here is flowers and candles! There’s something about having big bunches of flowers, and stacks of candles around that makes home feel more homely. The two big bunches here are both from Columbia Road Flower Market, they’re so pretty and different and I love them. As for candles, the little wooden holders you can see are from Home Sense and Asda, whilst the white little house came from Gifts and Pieces. The majority of the other candles are either from Bath & Bodyworks, Diptyque, or Home Sense finds. I absolutely love Home Sense, it’s got so many different bits, and reasonable prices too.Our flat came fully furnished, but we ended up having to buy a few extra things, two desks, an extra chest of drawers for the bedroom, a dressing table and an extra coffee table for the living room, and we got all of this from Ikea, because really, you can’t beat Ikea. A lot of our accessories are too, our couch cushions, and the vases, as well as the white tray that we keep all our fragrances on. The boy and I both have tons of perfumes so we put a selection of them out on this tray by the door to our bedroom, in the hope we’ll actually remember to spritz them on the way out.I’m not very good at keeping plants alive, so we have resorted to cacti. Mine is pink and the boy has a super spikey one (he calls it Pickles and gets very proud when he finds dead mosquitos on it). Last week a friend of ours bought us a potted Orchid, and I’m hoping to god I can keep it alive.Last month I finally got a dressing table! I could not be more excited about that, and next weekend you’ll be getting a little tour of that too.As part of my degree, I’ve constantly got my head in a stack of magazines, I keep all of the relevant issues in a basket under a little coffee table next to the sofa for easy access, as well as a couple on the coffee table, and by my bed that I’m working my way through right now. On top of the table is a big ol’ wooden Buddha statue, a gift from my grandparents. I’m not Buddhist, but I try to keep the main principles of Buddhism in my mind, I feel like they are good principles to live your life by. Coffee table Buddha is right behind my desk, and and serves as a good little reminder.I’ve been tweaking my desk since I moved in but I think it’s now pretty much perfect. It’s mostly dominated by the giant computer my boyfriend built for me (it’s an iMac but 1000 times more powerful). I keep all the little bits I need in a big Ikea box, my pens in a cute patterned cup and assorted lip balms and my watch in a teacup from Anthropologie. I’ve stuck a cute illustration from My Little Box on the wall, and a wooden Banksy print on my desk, as well as a snowglobe from Disney. I like having little souvenirs around! It’s normally got a stack of makeup on too, things I’m writing about right now!I also have an excessive beauty and candle stash on my bedside table because a girl’s gotta have options when she’s sleeping. I keep most of it in an acrylic storage unit from TKMaxx and a few little bits on a mini version of the Ikea tray I keep my perfumes on. It’s a dust magnet, but it looks cute.And finally, a little mention too my bed, which I’ve covered in assorted cushions, mattress toppers, blankets and throws (and of course my teddy bear), to make it the cosiest space ever. I spend a lot of time in bed, constantly napping or working when I get bored of sitting at my desk, so I wanted it to be somewhere super comfortable and warm and snuggly. It’s worked too well because now I never get out of it.How do you make your space feel homely?